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Car Accident Rehabilitation with Posture Correction

Sean O'Neill, Founder of Portland Posture Clinic


With a quick and FREE online assessment, we can determine a corrective exercise regimen specific to your posture.”
— Sean O'Neill, Founder Portland Posture Clinic
PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, August 3, 2020 / -- Joe was in a car accident. As a result he had debilitating back pain. After trying, what seemed like, everything over a 15 year period, he came across The Egoscue Method—A posture therapy method that addresses chronic pain by treating a person’s entire posture rather than a specific condition or symptom. The method views the body as a unit, treating it as such.

When troubleshooting the body as a whole, imbalances and compensations can be eliminated. After a trauma like a car accident, the body reacts by making many little changes as it reacts to the sudden impact it endured, which can lead to dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system. Does your back hurt on a daily basis? Perhaps your hips are rotated. Maybe your hip flexors are dysfunctional. Do you have a recurring ankle injury? Why is it only one ankle? Both ankles are the same age. Perhaps there is a discrepancy in the workload placed on your hips. Do your arms swing when you walk? Does one of your knees turn inward? Outward?

There are many examples of posture imbalances that we observe at With a quick and FREE online assessment, we can determine a corrective exercise regimen specific to your posture. You can take control of your back pain by restoring your body’s intended postural design.

Portland Posture Clinic conducts virtual sessions using proprietary posture analysis software, providing a personalized exercise menu that includes detailed video and picture instructions delivered directly to a phone app and email after every online visit. Perhaps you’ve had trouble turning a corner after a car accident that caused chronic back pain, or you’re struggling to get over the hump after an automobile collision that led to a neck injury, headaches, or trouble sleeping. Whatever the symptom, begin your free assessment at today. Take control of your pain.

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