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Convert Brings Self-Service Pricing to the Enterprise A/B Testing Space

Introduces post segmentation, full stack capabilities, SSO - with radical transparency and a chance to actually strengthen your optimization program.

WALNUT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2020 / -- Convert Experiences, the A/B testing and personalization solution that’s challenged existing business norms with its focus on transparency and its commitment to conscious business values, is now offering a full range of enterprise ready features at self-service pricing.

Convert has helped brands like Sony, Jabra, and Unicef consistently grow with A/B testing. It created waves when one of the best CRO agencies in the world - Conversion Rate Experts - used it to clock 1.5 million US dollars in additional revenue for Earth Class Mail.

Other optimization space stalwarts like Conversion Fanatics also regularly increase their client conversion rates by up to 50% with Convert Experiences.

Convert Experiences has been relatively niche since its launch in 2009 and this has been a deliberate decision on the part of the founding team of Dennis van der Heijden and Claudiu Rogoveanu. They’ve chosen to prioritize values like privacy and transparency, giving them an edge in a post COVID-19 and post Privacy Shield world.

“We have a very well-defined set of values. We only work with businesses that want to leave the world better than they found it. And we have chosen to stick to our principles over rapid growth a number of times.”, says Dennis van der Heijden. “Convert has always gone against the grain - be it keeping our pricing transparent when every other tool chose to gate, or the fact that we provide chat, email, and phone support with all plans. The goal is to make our team a part of the customer’s optimization team. If they win, we win, and the world wins. We would not have it any other way.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, even enterprise scale companies are struggling.
Some A/B testing tools and conversion teams have felt the brunt of the layoffs. Convert’s Enterprise plans are a way for brands to choose strengthening their own CRO teams, over tools that have exorbitant and restrictive pricing, mostly on annual contracts.

Convert Experiences has added abilities like report post-segmentation, live log (to support test QA), beta full-stack testing, and single sign-on to its existing roster of advanced targeting and custom JS injection at project, experiment, and variation levels.

Its promise of 4X faster, human support and its focus on helping brands that give back more than they take will stay constant.

“Experimentation is meant to add certainty to your business. Not jeopardize your optimization team’s existence.”, says Dennis van der Heijden. “We are going to be vocal about choosing your team over a tool, cause people will act as your sensors and capitalize on growth opportunities in crisis markets. As always, we have also lived our values by holding on to existing team members, and even growing our headcount over the past few months.

Convert Experiences happens to be a no-brainer choice with the power to support Enterprise testing, self-service prices you can afford in any circumstance, and the satisfaction of working with a company that’ll always do the right thing - no matter how hard it is.”

For enterprises interested in working with a tool that puts their interest first, Convert is offering free expert-assisted migration as a part of the effort to get testing back on track, post the upheaval of the pandemic. Learn more here.


Convert is dedicated to bridging the gap between data and people. It’s a customer focused brand with a number of optimization tools like Convert Experiences Web (A/B Testing), Convert Experiences Full Stack (Beta)and Convert Compass (Hypothesis Prioritization) under its banner.

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