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How Clean Is Your Business Establishment Challenge

Business owners test their establishment for Covid-19

Business owners test their establishment for Covid-19, reassuring their employees and customers that it is safe!

It may look clean to the human eye... but is it really?

Three words to live by: cleaning, sanitizing and testing. Covid-19 Surface Testing can verify that common high-touch surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized correctly.”
— Darryl Morris Co-founder of Midwest Aerobiology Labs
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2020 / -- It may look clean to the human eye... but is it really? Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, Darryl Morris president of Midwest Aerobiology labs, challenges business owners that are brave enough to discover the truth about the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection of their establishments.

Midwest Aerobiology Labs will swab frequently touched surfaces that are recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and believed to be essential in preventing the spread of infection.

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. Swab samples from businesses are collected within 24-48 hours of cleaning
2. Samples are analyzed in an on-site mobile lab by qPCR to determine if any genetic material from Covid-19 still exists on your surface or not.
3. Results can be delivered as quickly as 60 minutes

Optional: A “clean, sanitized, and tested” window decal can be posted that reassures your customers that it is safe to go into your establishment! Additionally, Businesses can further earn their customer’s trust when they volunteer to list their business name and test results on: Is That Really Clean? ™, a website supported by Midwest Aerobiology Labs. The listing shows that their “common high touchpoint surfaces” have been tested for COVID-19 and displays the date(s) the business was tested and demonstrates that it received a clean bill of health.

Environmental hygiene has re-emerged as an essential part of disease prevention strategies within the last couple of months as businesses have striven to decrease illnesses brought on by Covid-19, nevertheless struggles in demonstrating and providing a successful cleaning and disinfection plan remain. The first challenge is the provision of confidence that cleanup was successful (or even done at all) is frequently still dependent upon the human eye. Is this sufficient, or are there any more quantifiable methods out there? Yes, Covid-19 Surface Testing can verify that common high-touch surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized correctly. Common surfaces include:

• Light Switches
• Doorknobs
• Handrails
• Door Handles
• PIN pads
• Equipment
• Gym Equipment
• Tables
• Countertops
• Miscellaneous handles
• Handles
• Desks
• Phones
• Keyboards
• Toilets
• Faucets and Sinks
• Other Hard Surfaces

Are you located in Chicagoland? We have good news for you.

Midwest Aerobiology Labs is providing Environmental Testing and Monitoring for Covid-19 in Illinois!


Why your business needs a Covid-19 surface test?

• Thorough cleaning and surface testing will determine that there are no detectable Covid-19 (“live” or “inactive”)
• Upon finding any traces of Covid-19, the owners/managers can adopt advanced cleaning procedures
• Surface testing will help businesses to stay open and operate with confidence


Provide Your Customers & Employees with Ultimate Peace of Mind!

For more information, please spare a few minutes to visit our website at

Interested in scheduling your first Environmental Covid-19 Test?
Give us a call at 888-825-9327.

Note: Only businesses that passed the test will be listed. Performing a “Post Cleaning Verification” is a risk management protocol test and does not guarantee that ALL areas in the establishment were tested. Businesses should strictly adhere to CDC cleaning recommendations and guidelines.

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Midwest Aerobiology Labs
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Environmental Testing for Covid-19 (Post Cleaning Verification)