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Contactless Facial Recognition solutions will help the economy reopening after the pandemic crisis

User paying with facial recognition in a Madrid bus.

With the advance of COVID-19, companies are rushing to implement contactless technologies in order to suit into the "new normal era".

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 15, 2020 / -- Opening doors with your face, being identified on a show ratchet without using your physical ID and using your face as a payment method were things of the future, along with flying cars and missions to Mars. Guess what? Future has arrived and faster than we imagined. After COVID-19 the world will never be the same and facial biometrics solutions are more than necessary now as people are more open to use this technology for their own security. The market was already moving in favor of migrating to these solutions, as shown by a survey carried out by Mastercard and the University of Oxford, in which they mention that 93% of the people prefer to use biometrics instead of passwords and that 92% of banks in the world has the intention of adopting such solutions. Capgemini report, 'COVID-19 and the age of the contactless customer experience', says 44% of Spanish people prefer facial recognition authentication for banks, payments and airports to avoid the virus.

That is where facial biometric providers enter on scene and the British startup Saffe has been gaining clients in this new era where contactless technologies are part of the required measures for merchants and services to open again. With 100% proprietary technology, the company has been deploying facial biometric solutions that are contactless, safer, and more convenient for the user than many other types of solution already in place. Saffe was ranked among the top 15 vendors at the NIST FRVT tests, the most prestigious initiative for the evaluation of facial biometric software. Its technology is based on Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and contains a great differential: a passive liveness detection system that has the ability to detect if the person in front of the camera is not only himself but also differentiates a living person from a photo of a photo or a photo of a video. Integration with this system is simple and fast via APIs and SDKs that are plug and play and can also be customized according to customer’s demand. According to Andre Coelho and Giovani Chiachia, Saffe´s founders, the pandemic was just a push for more companies to start adopting technologies that avoid physical contact with surfaces. For them, the security of users and their data is extremely important and the startup acts within all legal measures and is complaint with privacy regulations like GDPR and LGDP. In addition, they confirm a release of their system able to identify people using masks – which is something really important now with the new measures against corona virus spread.

With facial recognition solutions is not necessary for users to touch a cell phone, document or credit card POS after pre-registration. Your face literally turns into your credit card, house key, ID, token, access card, and so on. The startup has already a higher demand now, attracting as new customers big financial institutions such as fintechs like Banco Modalmais and AcessoBank, for the onboarding process in Brasil, in Colombia with Redeban, the largest payment company, to authenticate payments inside the biggest supermarket chain of the country, and in Japan, with Fabbit, the main co-working, for access control. Last but not least, they’ve been conducting a pilot in partnership with Mastercard, Santander and EMT so passengers can pay for their bus rides just by showing their face to a tablet inserted inside Madrid buses.

Indeed, the use cases are unlimited and it is only a matter of time before biometric solutions dominate the market so we can return to the physical world safer. Nonetheless, it’s important for companies deploying such technology to reassure that the provider has a world-class technology and can bring security to both – the company and its customers.

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