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Nashville Skilled Nursing Employee Saves Man’s Life in Community, Received nominee for Citizen of the Month

Perry Lewis pictured left beside Cindy Bruton, Administrator of Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 14, 2020 / -- Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, providing unparalleled levels of skilled nursing and rehabilitation care in the Nashville region, is also proud of their real-life team member superheroes; Perry Lewis is one such superhero.

While leaving the center after his shift, Perry Lewis came across a stopped vehicle in the middle of the street; he saw many cars pass by this vehicle while continuously honking. Lewis decided to take initiative, and ultimately, was about to save a man’s life.

Perry shared, “As I got closer, I quickly grabbed my equipment that I had at hand and went to his car.” When Lewis finally reached him, he saw his foot was on the brake pedal and he was slumped over the wheel. “As I was banging on the window, another bystander joined me. After continuing banging on the window I was not able to get a response and immediately had someone call 911.”

With the help of a police officer, they began to break the window to assist the man in his car; as they were able to get the man out of his vehicle, his face was bright purple. He had a pulse, but was not breathing; Perry yelled out and said “Do not do CPR, he has a pulse!”

Perry started to perform a firm sternum rub, but the man still did not respond. The ambulance shortly arrived with a breathing bag, and the incompassitated man finally started to breathe and his color started to return. After about 3 minutes, the man started to come around, as shared by the paramedics to Perry.

Perry returned to Nashville Center, relieved, and explained the situation that had just occurred to Cindy Bruton, Administrator of Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, accompanied by the police officers. The police shared, addressing Perry, “You said no one was stopping. So that is exactly you did, you stopped. You are going to be nominated for citizen of the month.”

“Perry Lewis is our Healthcare Hero,” began Bruton. “Perry has worked on Team Nashville Center as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) since May 2016 and has recently been promoted to a CMT. He is always helpful and has a smiling face, which cheers everyone up. We are so proud of Perry and his heart for others. He took the time this gentleman needed and gave help in the nick of time. We are proud to call him our Hero.”

Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing is a member of the CareRite Centers Network. CareRites Centers’ employees continue to be heroic members on the front line while exceeding the expectations of family members, patients, and families every single day. CareRite Centers’ mission is to foster and provide unprecedented levels of genuine care and customer service for their communities’ Rehabilitation and Nursing needs. This mission is implemented in each of the staff members here at CareRite Centers, which is clearly portrayed through this wonderful and inspiring story.

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