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The Expert's Perspective: Aspire’s VP briefs about the challenges in Cloud Migration and latest trends in DevOps

Srinivasan Ramasamy

Srinivasan Ramasamy, Vice President - IAS, Aspire Systems

An interview featuring Aspire's Infrastructure and Applications expert, Srinivasan Ramasamy for the best insights on Cloud migration challenges and trends.

OAK BROOK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2020 / -- This interview by Techwell will help business leaders get an idea about the challenges faced by customers while migrating to Cloud Environment and the importance of Containers and Microservices in DevOps. The interview was conducted by Owen Gotimer (Community Manager at Techwell) featuring Aspire's Infrastructure expert, Srinivasan Ramasamy, (Vice President - Infrastructure and Applications Services, Aspire Systems) for Agile+DevOps, a Techwell event to get a brief on the various challenges faced widely by customers, the hot trends in DevOps and many more useful thoughts.

Gotimer: Could you share some insights on the challenges which customers face while they are migrating their business-critical applications from Data Center to Cloud?

Ramasamy: I would say there are three major challenges faced by the customer when they move on to cloud

First and foremost, the biggest challenge is incompatibility. Customers have a set of on-prem infrastructures, applications and components. When they move to cloud, they have a different set of Cloud Native components of Cloud service providers. There is a disconnect between these two setups, that is what I mean by incompatibility. Most of these Cloud Providers help customers bridge this gap, but again that is not good enough to understand and make the best use of cloud services. We have come up with various methods to shorten that gap, one is lift and shift mechanism. Though it could be easier and faster but it cannot be used to explore all the Cloud Native Services provided by those vendors. If you want to get the complete benefit of cloud services, businesses have to re-engineer their applications and some of their infrastructure components.

Second major challenge I would say is in terms of security. When people move to Cloud, security becomes a major issue. Most of the Cloud providers say that they are 100% compliant with regulatory standards. But again, we need to really be watchful and cannot take chances in terms of security. So, we need to make sure that we encrypt and secure our data. We must also invest in anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware systems to enhance security and compliance.

Third challenge would be to the seamless movement of DevOps and associated processes and lack of experience in this area. After moving to cloud, customers also need to move their DevOps processes and related pipelines to the Cloud, which becomes cumbersome. As the tools given by Cloud Providers are different and customer may not have in-house expertise to handle these things.

But having mentioned these challenges, we at Aspire Systems, are well equipped to ensure this migration process as smooth and quick as possible. Infact, we have helped customers move close to 1000+ applications to various Cloud Services Provider till date.

Gotimer: Why do you think DevOps is such an important strategy in technology today?

Ramasamy; Like any other technology, DevOps is also driven by business needs. When I say business needs, it could be two things. One is the consumers on one side and market trend on the other. So, if you look at the market trend, like for an example, during this difficult time of Covid19, many businesses have gone down to drain, many have seen results beyond their expectations and some have managed to stay afloat.

At the same time, Consumers are becoming more demanding based on their seasonal needs, economic conditions and so forth. So, to fulfil these demands, businesses have to make thier applications capable enough to handle these changes quickly. Some of these releases can happen once in six months but some can happen as quick as once in two weeks. DevOps ensures these kind of changes happen quickly. That's why DevOps role is crucial in such different scenarios.

Gotimer: DevOps has become all about containers and learning containers. Where do you see them trending or do you see containers to be more popular in coming times?

Ramasamy: Yes, if you look at it, containers are the hot trend at the moment. And microservices becomes the de-facto standard in current scenario. Containers are an indispensable part of this microservices journey. They make the applications more and more scalable and help them to heal faster and better. That's the reason containers and microservices are the most important part of today's application architecture.

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