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WD-HAN June Single Stepping Into A "New Normal"

WD-HAN Steppin' 11s Album Artwork

Cal Henry, Spencer Barnes and Lea Campbell of WD-HAN

WD-HAN Live Concert Opening for Kaleo


Steppin’ 11s mixes Hard Rock and Independent Thought into what could be called an anthem to the future-builders.

ZZ Top vibes from the outset of new WD-HAN track ‘Steppin’ 11’s‘, a hella rocking anthem from one of the best underground artists going.”
— Love It To Death Reviews
TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2020 / -- June 2020, and arrives the final piece of the foundation of life laid by WD-HAN’s Spring of 2020 Quartet: Steppin’ 11s. The immensity of this song is almost frightening. It looks at the whole world, the future, and every person’s place in it. And it makes very clear the only road that makes sense: being aware.

Building on the lessons of the first three songs of WD-HAN’s Spring of 2020 Quartet, but not dependent on them, Steppin’ 11s mixes Hard Rock and Independent Thought into what could be called an anthem to the future-builders. And we are all future-builders.

The lesson in this song is clear and encouraging, and defining of its time, this time in history. Listening to this song alone contributes to making the future better than the past.

Lead singer Spencer Barnes, guitarist Cal Henry, and percussionist Lea Barnes, along with the band’s manager Marjorye Henry (yes, two married couples), have studied, practiced and learned for years how to wrap their music around listeners’ best inner selves, making it safe for people to reach out to a better life.

WD-HAN is no fly-by-night band; they are the future of music in America, fulfilling the very purpose of music: to raise people to the heights of livingness where they belong.

Written by Don Dewsnap

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"WD-HAN has been playing blues/rock ballads ever since they were teenagers in 2008; twelve years, and they still sound as fresh as if it was only their first." - Chalkpit Records

"I love a band that has the desire and drive to create a new sound that is uniquely their own. In a world with so much cookie cutter music, it is refreshing to hear a band that you just can’t decide the exact genre. You can hear the mixture of influences in their unique and creative sound. At the end of the day, do we really need to put music in a genre? Isn’t good music, just good music? To all my readers, WD-HAN is just really good music." - Layla's 36

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