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Double chin pandemic and jawline hype in cosmetic surgery

Jawline Treatment Mc Aesthetics Dr Altintas


For many people the phenomenon of a double chin is a smack of the modern feel-good society.

The Jawline can be treated surgically, but also without surgery”
— Dr. Altintas
COLOGNE, GERMANY, May 30, 2020 / -- In year 2020 the word pandemic let us inevitably think of the Corona Virus. Yet another pandemic has gradually crept up. For many people the phenomenon of a double chin is a smack of the modern feel-good society. However, this has increased drastically in times of exit restrictions and closings of gyms.

In recent years there has been a lot of hype about double chin surgery. The topic jawline stands in the foreground and is directly associated with beauty and youth. A well-defined jawline is particularly popular with influencers on Instagram, Youtube
and the whole social media world. This is the reason why many people now associate the Jawline with a sign of freshness and success too. Science has also turned to this hype and deals with the special jawline anatomy. Current studies from the USA and Brazil focus on the optimal treatment of this new beauty trend.

We interviewed the plastic surgeon Professor Dr. Altintas from Cologne (Germany), who has a worldwide reputation and also teaches the subject at the University Clinic in Essen. "The jawline is a straight contouring line that runs from the tip of the chin to the angle of the jaw," Prof. Dr. Altintas explains. He largely established this treatment in Germany and also is the medical director of the Mc Aesthetics Clinic in Cologne.

Actual studies authors discuss pertinent aspects of anatomy, pathophysiology of aging, patient evaluation, gender considerations, injection technique, and complications in jawline augmentation using injectable fillers.

“The Jawline can be treated surgically, but also without surgery. However both procedures belong in experienced hands. Particular caution is required here because the surgeon has to work very precisely and exactly during this procedure. The most important blood vessels and nerves run in the immediate vicinity. It is not only the anatomy that has to be observed, but the harmony of the face is crucial in order to create a youthfully beautiful face,” the highly regarded expert Dr. Altintas adds.

Our editor Sylvia Kaduk interviewed some patients whose jawline was treated by Dr. Altintas. Most of these patients were female between the ages of 23 and 46. Altintas explains that women from the age of 35 start to have a desire for a fresh and youthful look, because these patients are already struggling with the first signs of aging in the form of sagging cheeks and so-called marionette lines. On the other hand the women aged around 23 follow the hype for an even more beautiful and flawless appearance.

The Mc Aesthetics Clinic in Cologne specializes in jawline treatments and is known as a trendsetter in cosmetic surgery in Germany. "The treatment of the double chin has been offered with and without surgery for several years and is now very often popular in combination with the jawline treatment," the specialist says. In fact, this trend has spread across Korea all over the world since 2015, blessing the western double chin society with jawline treatment as a new ideal of beauty.

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