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Cosmetic surgery - Hollywood and non surgical nose jobs

Nose job by Altintas

Nose job

"Non surgical nose jobs is one of the best treatments ever”
— Prof. Dr Altintas
COLOGNE , GERMANY , May 24, 2020 / --
Non surgical nose jobs was an insider tip in the film industry around the turn of the millennium. At that time there were few doctors who mastered this art. The focus was on surgical correction of the nose (Rhinoplasty). Today, 20 years later, thanks to Instagram etc., the entire beauty industry has changed. Non surgical nose jobs is becoming the most popular treatment in the To Go society. The Mc Aesthetics Clinic was the pioneer of this treatment in Germany. This method has now become the trendsetter in cosmetic surgery.

A beautiful nose within 5 minutes is advertised by many. In fact, it is possible to correct bumps and dents as well as entire hooked noses with this method. There do not seem to exist dissatisfied patients when you look through the mails of many influencers.

The critical points of non surgical nose jobs

Professor Dr. Altintas is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and medical director of Mc Aesthetics. He can tell us a completely different story. In an interview with the expert who introduced this procedure in Germany, we were able to gain insight into the risks of treatment.

"Non surgical nose jobs is one of the best treatments ever" says Altintas and at the same time warns that this treatment is only a safe solution in the hands of specialists in plastic surgery.

In fact, many practitioners who advertise this treatment are neither doctors nor specialists in plastic surgery.

We asked what exactly the risks could be during the injection.

"One of the greatest dangers is the so-called pressure dystrophy, which is often underestimated" says Dr Altintas from Cologne. This is the reduced blood flow to the cartilaginous tissue due to the increased pressure conditions caused by the amount of hyaluron. The tricky thing about this complication is that it progresses insidiously. The nose deforms due to the reduced blood flow. Partly irreparable damage occurs. Therefore, the expert advises to carry out this treatment only with experienced plastic surgeons who are familiar with this method. The hyaluronic acid is not simply injected into the tissue. This must be underlaid in a shift so that there is no late damage. Then this procedure offers the optimal result. Non surgical nose jobs offers a great and painless result within a few minutes. We also were convinced by this treatment. The treatment was carried out by Professor Dr. Altintas.

Detailed advice is important

For detailed advice, we recommend selecting a specialist in plastic surgery to achieve a safe and ,above all, beautiful, harmonious result.

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