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From Eczema to Sleep Apnea, Our Bedding Is Messing Us Up — One Company Decided to Do Something About It

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2020 / -- When Elizabeth Pando’s son was born, he was born premature. At just 2 lbs 13 oz, little Avery would spend the first two months of his life in the NICU before he was finally ready to go home.

But little did Elizabeth Pando know, her struggles were just getting started.

For a long time, her baby suffered from nasal congestion. After weeks of failed treatments, they tried an allergy test, and discovered that their baby was suffering from a multitude of allergies, not the least of which was a highly sensitive dust mite allergy.

Pando’s baby is not alone. Over seven million children in the US suffer from allergies, and the numbers for food allergies are growing, too.

Now years later, her baby has grown into a boy who’s been able to overcome his allergies, thanks to his mom’s quick thinking, and smart clean lifestyle.

Elizabeth Pando’s baby is not just a preemie with sensitivities, but one of thousands of babies born with sensitivities and chronic congestion due to allergies. More than six million children in the US alone suffer from asthma, and allergies are the sixth leading cause of illness in the US.

Of all of the inflammation-related problems, one thing seems to be to blame: environmental contaminants (and not just the synthetic ones).

Research suggests that dust mites play a huge role, in addition to contact with highly treated fabrics like polyester and flame-retardant treated textiles. Food allergies are another massive contributing factor, with several high-citric acid foods making the list of possible triggers for children suffering from food allergies.

For moms like Elizabeth Pando, the primary culprit turned out to be her bedding.

Our bedding and the fabrics our skin comes into contact with on a daily basis may have a massive impact on our skin and respiratory health.

When Elizabeth Pando realized her baby was struggling with dust mite allergies, she immediately looked for the cause. In her well kept house, she was stunned to realize that dust mites were very common in conventional pillows and mattresses.

Her brother, who had just started working at the local organic bedding supply store nearby, filled her in.

“He explained that wool is a natural dust mite repellant and a natural fire retardant that is also used in mattresses. My brother, Marlon, suggested we change all of my son's bedding to include wool fibers.”

As Elizabeth began converting over all of her son’s bedding, she realized there wasn’t much advice like this floating around. Despite her doctors not recommending this conventional bit of wisdom, she was astonished by the results. Her baby’s symptoms had completely disappeared.

The focus of White Lotus Home is inherently green — save the planet, one mattress and duvet cover at a time.

The company sources its materials primarily from ethical supplies specializing in high quality materials, like humane wool, organic cotton, and Kapok fibers. It’s in their New Jersey manufacturing facility where White Lotus Home crafts their products by hand, with some of the cleanest fibers known to man.

“In today’s mass producing environment, handmade is almost unheard of, made in the USA is hard to find, and 100% organic certifications are not easy to obtain.

Stories like Elizabeth Pando’s are just one of a few that have turned out this way, but the way she sees it, there’s more to be done.

“Leaving the financial industry was hard but necessary. My children come first and I love telling my story to the many customers I now talk to, as VP of White Lotus Home. I am glad my experience has helped reduce the amount of children that go through what my Avery did,” says Elizabeth.

Today, Marlon Pando owns White Lotus Home, that little eco-friendly mattress store he helped his sister’s baby out of all of those years ago. The roles have changed, but the mission remains the same: help more babies and adults live healthier, easy-breathing lives.

White Lotus Home is a sustainable bedding manufacturer selling mattresses, duvets, pillows, sheets, and more online and in-store at their New Jersey showroom location. They’re committed to producing clean, hypoallergenic environmental change, one mattress at a time. To find out more, visit their website.

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