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LAS VEGAS, NV, US, May 28, 2020 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has expanded its range of services with the goal of bringing more value to customers in new areas of the market. The company, which already has a long history of providing consumer mailing list services, is now offering more specialized databases in specific areas of business interests. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Lists of Handwritten Sweepstakes Respondents are a NEW AGE of RED HOT Sales Leads.

Those in the gambling industry, travel industry, or general sales and related sectors can rely on Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing for FRESH lottery sweepstakes leads, coupon leads, and many more. These are for people who want to grow their business and achieve more positive results with less time and effort. These type leads are all verified making the telephone contact direct with consumers who remember just registering or signing up.

The Sprint Data Solutions Story
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a disabled veteran owned and operated company that aims to help various business owners grow their operations with mailing lists. The company started in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its staff has over 50 years of combined experience within the dynamic marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is, first and foremost, is in the business of creating databases and putting them to good use for clients in all fields around the nation. Creating Sales Leads that are unique and exclusive tool available only from Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing The company was established even before digital marketing took to the stage, first entering the field of postal mail marketing. The team helped clients find the customers they were looking for by providing lists broken down into specific categories such as age and interest that brought higher response rates when properly applied.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown in more ways than one. From initially serving only the Las Vegas area, the business currently services all of the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries on the continent, such as Mexico.

The company has transitioned well into the digital age. That’s why while businesses can benefit from direct mail marketing options, Sprint Data Solutions has digital options available for email, text messaging, and other platforms as well. Those services are for businesses in different areas of market interest, including those in need of sweepstakes leads and handwritten coupon leads. REAL Handwritten Coupons with REAL people waiting on the other end of the telephone for your call or offering with multi channel contact available on each lead.

What Are Lottery Sweepstakes Leads?
Lottery or sweepstakes leads are a special kind of customer listing of consumers who have opted in to receive your call or email. . With ordinary leads, such as phone numbers or mailing addresses, businesses get access to a large pool of potential customers. Still, a big number doesn’t necessarily guarantee a big response. A mailing address, a home phone number, or a mobile phone number can be randomly collected through any number of means. When that is done, those kinds of information are unable to reflect a person’s willingness to respond to marketing, promotion, or, more specifically, contests.

With a lottery or sweepstakes lead, it is very different. People who have participated in a lottery, sweepstakes, or other contests have already shown more interest, willingness, and initiative to participate in such events. They have voluntarily joined a promotional activity and willingly gave their contact details.
What that means for businesses trying to promote their own contests is that if someone is ready to participate in one activity, it is possible for them to keep doing so in the future. However, that kind of response is only as effective as it is recent. Someone who may be receptive to participating in a number of promotional activities today may not feel the same way a year from now, so older lottery or sweepstakes databases are not as useful.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing focuses on up-to-date lottery and sweepstakes databases. This ensures that customers are getting good, usable data with a higher chance of response.

Handwritten/Coupon Leads
Perhaps the people who are most responsive to marketing are those who have already demonstrated a high willingness to participate. Handwritten sweepstakes or coupon leads are the perfect expressions of this. In a handwritten sweepstakes contest, documents or “coupons” must be filled out and physically mailed to qualify for a promotional activity. This means that participants are ready to make the extra effort to write their contact details by hand and go out of their way to put the coupons in the mailbox.

Handwritten sweepstakes or coupons have uses far beyond the contest or lottery they are for. They bring about a higher level of engagement and interaction, so they are ideal for businesses that want to strike while the iron is hot.

As with other lottery sweepstakes leads, the actual value of handwritten/coupon leads comes from how recent they are. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers several tiers of handwritten leads. Although all of them are recent, the leads in the lower tiers may be 15-20 days old. At the highest tier, however, the leads may be just 24 hours old.

Some of the leads are even targeted by age. Senior citizens, for example, tend to be more active in contests, sweepstakes, and lotteries due to a combination of having more time during retirement and, in some cases, fewer opportunities to use their disposable income. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing even offers sweepstakes lead generation for the over 65 markets for more precise, results-oriented targeting.

Get The Results You Want
The market is highly competitive nowadays, and one of the keys to better response and higher profits is precision targeting. Taking a shotgun approach and capturing the widest audience possible doesn’t always get the highest-quality results. What you need to do is to target those who are more likely to respond.

For lotteries, sweepstakes, or other contest-related promotional activities, it’s always better to go after the pool of customers who are already engaged in them. Getting recent, quality sweepstakes leads is one of the most effective ways to get more responses and better results for your promotional activities.

If you want sweepstakes lead generation that gives you a fresh batch of results, don’t hesitate to contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You will be supporting an American disabled veteran owned company in the process. We look forward to helping you with your marketing efforts!

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