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With Africa Leading the Charge in the Crypto Revolution, CMDX Looks to Realize the Billion Dollar Crown


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The global online health community, looking to grow its member base and its cryptocurrency's value, has found success in Africa’s growing market

African's have the opportunity to create the first decentralized monetary system in the world returning the power back to the people. Crypto in Africa will redefine the true meaning of capitalism.”
— Tom McMurrain, CEO, CMDX
ROSEAU, DM, DOMINICA, May 26, 2020 / -- As cryptocurrency gains wider acceptance and adoption into mainstream culture, industry experts have their eyes set on Africa as a market indicator and believe the continent will become the "world bank" of cryptocurrency.

To some, the rise of cryptocurrency in Africa may come as a surprise. Despite tight regulations, infrastructure concerns, and economically depressed conditions in many of the continent’s countries, cryptocurrency is flourishing. In fact, recent reports show that Africans have the highest rate of cryptocurrency adoption in the world, making it the center of the universe for those looking to get their currency on the map.

So why the interest in cryptocurrency across Africa? The same reports note that one factor driving this trend is slow remittance speeds, skyrocketing inflation rates, and exorbitant remittance fees charged by regulatory bodies. With its faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and decentralized operations structure, cryptocurrency is becoming an attractive alternative for African citizens for investing, starting businesses, and purchasing goods and services.

As CMDX looks to grow the value and prevalence of its token on the cryptocurrency markets, CEO Tom McMurrain is pursuing dominance as the #1 health cryptocurrency in the world with Africa as the foundation. African's have the opportunity to create the first decentralized monetary system in the world that will return the power back to the people. With cryptocurrency Africa is the new land of opportunity

CMDX has had a presence in Africa for some time and has recognized the cryptocurrency savviness of its African community members. CMDX is a global community dedicated to generating wealth by rewarding its members for engaging in healthy lifestyle and business-related activities—and the reward just happens to be an added income in the form of the brand’s own cryptocurrency. The company currently boasts over 292,000 members globally and has a strong presence across Africa, with new members from across the continent joining daily.

CMDX’s Burn It and Earn it partnership with Human API gives users the chance to earn its cryptocurrency rewards by sharing their health and wellness data and by selling their goods on its members-only online market space. Through this model, CMDX has had luck in bringing a new level of economic prosperity with this Universal Basic Data Income model to its African members, many of whom live in economically depressed countries.

With the growing African interest in cryptocurrency, McMurrain is looking to CMDX’s African community members to lead the way in sharing his model and investing in the brand’s cryptocurrency, driving its desirability and value across all markets.

For potential African investors looking for an easy way to get started with cryptocurrency, CMDX provides that low cost entry point, giving members the chance to earn an income while accumulating cryptocurrency they can use on CMDX’s marketplace, trading if on CMDX.Pro or Lukki exchange or investing it for their future health costs.

“CMDX is closely watching Africa and learning more about the role African investors are playing in decentralizing money and creating more trust worldwide by creating the freest and most vibrant economy the world has ever seen,” said McMurrain. “CMDX’s African community members have already witnessed the power of our Burn It and Earn it Model, giving them the opportunity to earn an added income for sharing their data and engaging in healthy lifestyle activities. We look forward to working closely with our community members across Africa to grow CMDX’s prevalence, giving every adult on the continent the chance to earn an income and lead the charge in the worldwide cryptocurrency revolution.”

CMDX currently boasts over 290,000 members worldwide, with the goal of achieving five million members by the end of 2021. The company’s mission is to become a top 25 cryptocurrency before 2026, when McMurrain believes the market will hit critical mass awareness.

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CMDX #1 Health Crypto in Africa