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A Love Letter to Boston, Helping Boston's Superheros

All Smiles from the Family!

The Temporary Shower Installed in the Basement

Our City

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2020 / -- Boston.

A city unbreakable. Formed nearly 400 years ago as a springboard for religious, cultural and economic freedom--we as a city have endured challenges of the mind, body and soul that would have broken many.

This is Boston. Candid, resilient strength is woven into the DNA of this city and its inhabitants. If you were raised here, you have felt it since birth--a powerful and binding innate sense of strength, community and belonging.

If you have moved to Boston from elsewhere you may have sensed the intangible of this city and its people. A sense of welcoming--joined by an intense, unspoken sense of community and love for each other and one’s neighbor. Not the sentimental, pastel-colored, overly emotional professions of brotherly love which might find outlet and expression in California. Think Good Will Hunting. This is Boston. The love is tough. So are the people.

I came of age here as a professional in Boston. I built a company here over two decades. My children were born here. I truly love this city.

In these unprecedented times heros come in many forms--from the doctors and health workers on the front lines to those keeping the grocery stores open in order to keep the city and nation fed. The good people of Boston are legion. They are quiet, hard-working and humble. They do their jobs.

At NEDC we are a part of Boston--and Boston and the families which make this city are an integral part of who we are. We’ve helped build beautiful parts of this city and our clients’ lives and well-being are interwoven with ours.

As one of our steps to bring real help during these times we contacted a client family of ours whose mother is a doctor on the front lines fighting the fight to keep our city safe and alive.

Family and true courage:

Sarah works at Mass General Hospital and is on the front lines in these trying times. This is true courage. She is one of the many who I would thank face to face and hug if I could.
Maybe in the future.

Her family with her husband and three young daughters live in Jamaica Plain and were confronted with the very real and wrenching situation of how to protect their own family--while continuing their efforts to save the lives of others. An ultimate and very real challenge. Duty meets family.

Our creative team came up with the idea of creating a “Sanitization Station” -- a temporary shower which we could install in the basement entrance to their home, thereby creating a facility whereby Sarah could shower instantly upon returning and entering their home. In essence the creation of a clean and sanitary buffer between their heroic efforts, the grind of daily life and the sanctity and safety of home.

We took the measurements, did the planning, ordered the materials and waited the few surreal days until the equipment arrived. Our Project Manager Aaron then took on and executed the installation in the basement of the family home.

The family pictures speak for themselves. Truly beautiful.

“Thank you so much. This is a tremendous help! Really so thoughtful of you”

Sarah B.

It’s the least we can do.

The costs were borne by NEDC at no cost to the family--this is the very least we can do for these men and women who are stepping up as true heroes for the City of Boston.

To Sarah and all Boston doctors, nurses, health-care workers people of good will on the front lines, thank you for your courage, your care, and your willingness to selflessly help others.

If you know of any heroes on the front lines potentially exposed to Covid-19 to whom a sanitization station would offer peace of mind, please have them reach out to us directly. We are a small business with limited resources but will do whatever we can to help.

Thank you, Boston.



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