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American Pop Singer LyRanda Aalece Returns With A New Song And A Strong Message

LyRanda Aalece - New Single On Spotify (Take It Off )

Back for a second round with her new sound and vision LyRanda Aalece returns with a song that explains her reasons for self-respect and dignity.

JACKSON , MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES , May 25, 2020 / -- LyRanda Aalece is back for a second round with her new sound and vision that explains her reasons for self-respect and dignity. Conversing with her audience and delivering her opinion of real-life situations allows her to express her musical thoughts to her audience. LyRanda was able to accommodate the conversation of 3-day rule, a conversation that might have hit home to a lot of individuals who experience the dating mishap or misconception of the true 3-day rule meaning. Digging deeply within herself and collaborating with her team, the decision was to return with something that would communicate a real-life scenario that would further enhance the conversation. The world will now prepare for a new song and a new idea that will enlighten the minds of young men and women worldwide. A message that will bring about more respect and modesty to what today's mindset would consider as having a fun time.

LyRanda has chosen to create a new sound that many dares to challenge. Working on her new EP and creating ideas that make her audience engage in her work, LyRanda has managed to successfully talk to her fans and followers and to delicately explain her reason for creating her music and topics that touch home to so many American adults and young teens. What makes her so special? What gives her the ability to be able to communicate well across social media to her fans abroad? Being coached by a music veteran and giving her insight into the music business enables her to see how broad music and being creative is. By understanding that it is not an easy task creates a humility in her and to be able to see where her music will take her.

LyRanda's first single which was currently released on Spotify entitled
( 3 - Day Rule ) successfully gave her the momentum and drive to keep going even after losing someone close and dear to her last year. While staying motivated and faithful to what her mission was, Lyranda chose not to give up but to continue on what she was set out to do in the music business. LyRanda's family and those who are close to her would not want her to give up her dream but would want her to continue on what she set her heart out to accomplish. Being pushed to her limits and doing everything that would require her to be strong, pushed her to create a message that would communicate to a different audience. Take It Off would be that new sound and message that will enable her young fans to think about the peer pressures of becoming a teen or young female adults. The message is to eliminate the idea that taking off their clothes on a first date equates to love. Plain and simple Lyranda cares about people and wants to deliver what she prides herself on and that is making sure her fans and followers communicate with her while leaving a smile on their faces.

To become a part of LyRanda's world she has created a community of followers and fans entitled - The Unicorns. Lyranda would also like for you to be a part of her community by visiting and joining her community on her website.

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