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The Job Shop of the future, how factories can respond to changing buyer demands.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, May 25, 2020 / -- Consumer demands are indeed changing supply chain management, and along with demand shift has come a renewed appreciation that the company’s best interest is usually in line with the customer’s. Haizol is focused on ensuring their manufacturing marketplace goals are synonymous with their customers.

With digital manufacturing growing, and product developers having higher demands than ever before, manufacturers need demonstrate agility and a willingness to change. On-demand & at speed production are key. Currently, the job shop thriving today is one that can move between products with speed and efficiency without incurring big delays and cost drawbacks. The drive to achieve shorter lead times, and from small or almost no queues – aiming for almost immediate production, and quick recognition and correction of defects, is what today's buyer is looking for. Haizol ensures its manufacturing is responsive to external changes in product mix and volumes, and orders are handled with urgency. This new production philosophy needs to be implemented from top down, and is a transition that needs to be communicated clearly.

Communication is another key asset which Haizol are continually improving through keeping close relationships with their customers. Buyers are looking for more transparency when purchasing, they favour an easily accessible and transparent ordering system where orders can be tracked from start to finish. Supply chain visibility will improve a chance of a buyer purchasing and re-purchasing. Increasing expectations on speedy turnaround times, on-demand manufacturing, and instantly accessible order status information is the now and the future of manufacturing. The increase in consumer knowledge worldwide through the internet and more readily accessible information has meant that the more people know, the more they want to know. Today’s supply chain and manufacturing industry in general is experiencing the effects of this increased consumer knowledge. Based on this, Haizol implement a fully transparent ordering system, from initial order to delivery, a customer can jump into their account and see the production stage, & receiving almost instant replies from the customer service team.

One way to improve transparency is to integrate data into your supply chain. Supply chain visibility tools such as integrating digital connections between people, machines and facilities has enabled data to be captured by these connections, together with sophisticated analysis and real-time responses which improve visibility. This ultimately results in a more agile supply chain which can manage demands of made to order projects.
Agility & flexibility require additional training and creation of production methods to improve the factories general agility and responsiveness. Fluctuations in demand can often be difficult to predict, a customers purchasing behaviour is often not stable, and external factors also make demand predications difficult. Utilizing industry 4.0 tech within your supply chain can better equip your supply chain to adapt as and when needed through smart monitoring which builds up resilience to fluctuations and disruptions, for example an orders precise geo-location. The ability to change to meet and fit demand better will result in increased customer satisfaction.

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