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Car Parade Celebrating the 50th Successful COVID-19 Recovery at Gold Coast Skilled Nursing Center

Valentin Ionescu, the 50th successful COVID-19 discharge from Glengariff, celebrating with the Glengariff team and Administrator, Simon Fuerst.

Team Glengariff celebrating the 50th successful COVID-19 discharge from the center!

Valentin discharging home with his wife from Glengariff after celebrating beating COVID-19

GLEN COVE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 22, 2020 / -- Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, a member of the CareRite Centers network, was proud to share with the local community their 50th successful COVID-19 discharge from the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center by hosting a memorable car parade.

Celebrating the 50th successful discharge is a milestone event in the skilled nursing sector, especially during this trying time; the Glengariff team was proud to spread this joy with a car parade on Friday, May 22nd.

The 50th successful discharge was of Valentin Ionescu, wife of Galina Ionescu, who has been a Physical Therapist Assistant at Glengariff for the past 15 years.

“It’s been a different journey this time around,” Galina began, on bringing her husband to Glengariff as a patient. “I wanted to bring him here after being diagnosed. He was weak and confused, and it was such a different time for both of us; it took him almost a month to get back to where he was before, after being on a ventilator for 16 days and in an induced coma in the hospital. Working through this has also been challenging as a Physical Therapist Assistant; it is so difficult to see people so sick. This time around, it was more difficult as a wife, and I cried so many times, but we came through together.”

Valentin Ionescu, the 50th successful discharge, added, “My wife came at the start and end of her shift each day, but in between her visits, the team made me feel so supported. The reason I am able to walk out [today]? Because I followed the plan of the team and was determined to complete it.”

Galina Ionescu shared that the Glengariff community is a family, and she knew bringing her husband to recover at Glengariff was the best place for him. “To see him now, I’m so happy. My co-workers are so helpful; it’s unbelievable. We both trust the staff, and know the therapy is good. Everything and everyone is helpful; it’s about moral support. Everyone at Glengariff treats you like family, it’s so important.”

Valentin echoed, “The good treatment I received was the single most important factor in my recovery. That goes for all departments. They were all excellent and helped me. All of the team were extremely professional and did their very best every day. What more could I ask?”

“This celebration is a culmination of our team members unwavering dedication and commitment to our patients and residents' care and well being,” began Simon Fuerst, Administrator of Glengariff. “Over the last several months, the team at Glengariff worked night and day to ensure the highest levels of care and well being during this pandemic. Being able to celebrate our 50th COVID-19 recovery is a testament to what the team at Glengariff can accomplish when challenges are thrown their way. We are all so proud of this patient discharging home, and of course, the 49 others prior who have won the battle and fight against COVID-19; we feel privileged to have a part in their respective recoveries.”

Galina expressed that each day she thanked God and Glengariff for her husband’s road to recovery, looking forward to celebrating his 66th birthday in November and their upcoming 42nd wedding anniversary in September. “Because of the Glengariff team, we can celebrate together; I want us to celebrate in style! We can survive anything together!”

The Ionescu’s first celebrated Valentin’s successful discharge in style- with a car parade at Glengariff, Valentin donning a number 50 jersey with his name on it from CareRite Centers’ partner, The Brooklyn Nets, as he exited the building!

Members of Glen Cove and the surrounding communities met at the Pratt Pavilion parking circle at Glengariff on Friday, May 22nd, cheering, honking their horns, and celebrating Valentin’s successful recovery, as well as the 50th successful COVID-19 recovery from Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center!

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