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Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Specialist, Robert Kotler, Scoops Covid-19 Scientists.

The Olfactory Bulb Transmits Smell to the Brain

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

Dr. Robert Kotler, on March 27, claimed soap and water nose flushes would stymie the virus before it would overwhelm body.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2020 / -- As early as March 27,  after consulting with medical colleagues, Dr. Kotler advised his patients that  “plain, old soap and water” as a nasal “ wash or rinse”  could  hopefully destroy the CV at its entrance point into the body. 

Dr. Kotler, a UCLA faculty member and former Major, Medical Corps, US Army, likened the struggle with the invading virus to warfare. 

“Should we not be attacking the enemy in its first hiding place? Here is where we need to establish an accessible first line of defense”, asks Kotler, the inventor of a popular FDA-approved, patented device that allows patient’s having any nasal and/or sinus surgery to breathe clearly immediately after surgery. 

“We may be missing a safe, simple and practical opportunity to destroy the virus before it causes the worst consequence, destruction of the lungs and death.”

 “All scientists agree that handwashing with soap works to reduce the likelihood of the virus taking hold in the body. Might soap perform equally well inside the nose?”  Soap is effective because each Coronavirus-19 virus wears a fat-laden outer covering.  Soap destroys the fatty layer; the virus is disabled and dies. Besides the hands, it can work its magic elsewhere.

“The concept of washing the inside of the nose with soap may seem peculiar to many, but for not for nasal surgeons.  It’s routine, as part of the preparation for cosmetic and breathing operations to reduce the chance of infection. Soap causes no damage to the nasal interior.” 

“Soap is to viruses what antibiotics are to bacteria.”

How soap, alone, was effective in viral destruction, was addressed publicly: 
The First Big Clue To Confirm Dr. Kotler’s Thesis: Loss of Smell. The Olfactory Bulb Transmits Smell to the Brain                                             

To Kotler, the first clinical evidence to validate his concept that the virus needed to be attacked at the source of entrance and nesting, the nasal cavities, was the reported loss of smell and taste as early symptom:             

On April 22, a medical journal research paper confirmed the observation:   

Further study and research supported Kotler’s thesis that flushing the nasal passages could destroy the virus and, at the least, weaken the attack on the body:                             

Impact of Nasal Saline Irrigations on Viral Load in Patients With COVID-19:             

Kotler called for immediate initiation of clinical trials to test the efficacy of the soap irrigations.   

Just now, from Thailand, comes even more strong support for the concept: May 16, 2020 What is Thailand Doing? Why Is Their Experience Different?                           

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