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Edith Onderick-Harvey of NextBridge Consulting to be Featured on Close Up Radio

ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2020 / -- We are in the most disruptive environment any of us can remember. What leaders and businesses are facing is unprecedented. Immediately companies are thinking about survival right now. At the same time, they need to be thinking about thriving in the future.

“Even after we are beyond this crisis, change and disruption are going to be a continual part of any business. Companies need to excel in two ways to not just survive, but to thrive and beat their competition. First, they need to excel at meeting today’s priorities. Second, they need to develop the agility advantage -- which is the ability to embrace change and transform ideas into actions that take advantage of opportunities faster than the competition,” says Edith Onderick-Harvey, managing partner of NextBridge Consulting, an organizational change and development consulting firm.

“We’re helping organizations develop the agility advantage and navigate the whitewater they’ll experience along the way,” says Edith. “We help clients answer questions like, ‘What are the capabilities we need to bring this organization forward? How are we going to cross that next bridge and continue to build on the success we've had to this point and create even more?’”

We went from one of the lowest unemployment rates in history to more people losing their jobs in any other time in history at a breakneck speed. In both scenarios, the only way to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities the company has, is to have an agile, resilient, engaged culture. Leaders at all levels need to leverage the power of people to make change and transformation part of your competitive advantage.

What we are talking about here is approaching change differently than the past. Companies spend millions to transform their companies, treat change like a project and never get results. The change they are investing in feels really disjointed to the employees. It feels like it comes down from above and no one realizes how much it’s impacting people within the company. And, quite honestly, many people don’t buy into it because it feels like the flavor of the month. As soon as senior management thinks it’s not working, it will go away.

“Ongoing change and occasional transformation need to be a key part of a company’s strategy. Strategy doesn’t execute itself. People do. So the ability to stay ahead of your competition is going to come from your people more than anything else,” says Edith. “How are we going to help people to be fully part of the organization, bringing their energy and creativity to what the customer needs? Understanding that each employee is a whole person, and we need to meet them on a variety of levels, creates very different opportunities for an organization.”

Leaders who empower employees and engage them in helping the organization solve problems, generate new ideas, make decisions, and move things forward creatively are going to see better results – better products in the marketplace, higher productivity, increased quality and overall stronger results.

“You have to understand the people in your organization to understand your role in leading change.”

Through change masterclasses for senior leaders, facilitated workshops, and one-on-one or team coaching, Edith offers leaders the tools they need to understand their strengths and weaknesses in how they navigate change, what they need to do as individuals and teams to thrive in the future.

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