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Non-Invasive PGT-A (NICS) Clinically Launched in Argentina, Delivering Best-in-Class Embryo Screening Technology

Collaboration Between Procrearte, Biocodices, Yikon Genomics, and Avrio Genetics Make This IVF Dream a Reality

We recognized NICS as a technology that was perfectly aligned with Procrearte’s mission of being a pioneer in genetic diagnosis and ultimately a leader in patient care”
— Dr. Ariel Ahumada
NEW YORK, NY, USA , May 19, 2020 / -- Procrearte, Biocodices, Avrio Genetics, and Yikon Genomics are proud to announce the first-in-the-region clinical launch of Yikon Genomics’ Non-Invasive PGT-A in Argentina. Non Invasive PGT-A (NICS) is the groundbreaking technology that allows embryos to be screened for chromosomal aneuploidy prior to implantation without the previously utilized invasive methodology of a biopsy. Instead, the culture medium used during in-vitro embryo culture is collected and then processed for aneuploidy screening. First made available clinically in the United States, the global clinical utilization of NICS has exponentially grown per month, evidenced by this new launch in Argentina. The validation of the NICInst protocol (niPGT-A) with more than 30 cases and controls carried out together with the Laboratory of the Procrearte Clinic of Argentina has had excellent results, comparable with the best results published to date by other international groups.

Clinics and groups like Procrearte, and laboratories like Biocodices, choose to utilize NICS due to the DNA in the culture medium from an embryo having a higher concordance with the whole embryo, therefore offering a safer, more accurate and dependable test.

“Our experience with Avrio Genetics and Yikon Genomics has been excellent. The efficiency of the logistics for the provision of supplies, to the constant technical scientific support and the honest commercial treatment deserve to be highlighted,” expresses Hernan Dopazo, founder of Biocodices. We hope to continue advancing with Avrio Genetics and Yikon Genomics to strengthen the development of reproductive genomics not only in Argentina, but in our entire region.”

“Physicians and patients in this region have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of Non Invasive PGT-A, and we are overjoyed to announce that it has finally arrived,” expresses Avrio’s President and CEO Brandon Hensinger. “Yikon Genomics has developed an unmatched Non Invasive PGT-A and we are eager to impact people’s lives throughout the region. It has been an honor to work with the incredible team at Procrearte and Biocodices to make this dream a reality.”

“When we learned of the opportunity to implement NICS in Argentina and the surrounding region, we recognized it as a technology that was perfectly aligned with Procrearte’s mission of being a pioneer in genetic diagnosis and ultimately a leader in patient care,” expresses Procrearte’s ART Lab Director and Founding Partner Dr. Ariel Ahumada.

Procrearte, a network of reproductive and molecular medicine, is a private center specialized in assisted reproduction techniques. It has a headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a network of 10 sub-offices in the interior of the country. In Argentina and Latin America it is a reference center for its volume of procedures (> 3,500 in 2019) and the diversity of aggregate practices it offers. In Argentina, it is a pioneer in genetic diagnosis of preimplantation embryos (PGT-A) and the first center to promote and carry out the first non-invasive preimplantation genetic diagnosis validation study.

Biocódices SA is a diagnostic and research genomics company in the area of reproductive and oncological genomics. Born from the Argentine scientific and technological system, the company is characterized by having highly qualified scientific and technical personnel and by transferring innovative technologies in these areas to the Argentine national and regional markets.

Avrio Genetics is the Latin American service provider and distributor for Yikon Genomics and other leading organizations, providing life-changing reproductive, as well as personalized, genetic testing products and solutions to physicians and patients throughout the world.

Yikon Genomics is a leading solution-based single cell sequencing company based in Shanghai China, providing complete solutions in the fields of reproductive health and cancer diagnostics, providing the most accurate and comprehensive embryo screening technologies available.

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