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BioSuperior™ Anti-CD47 Therapeutic Antibody (AVI-105) from AbVision Inc

AVI-105.2 showed a strong anti-tumor activity in In vivo studies.

AVI-105 elicited more potent macrophage-mediated phagocytosis than its reference antibody

AVI-105 induced less hemagglutination than its reference antibody

AbVision developed AVI-105, the biosuperior anti-CD47 therapeutic antibody against cancer!

MILPITAS, CA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2020 / -- AbVision, Inc., an innovative biopharmaceutical company, announced today that the Company has developed a biosuperior anti-CD47 therapeutic antibody (AVI-105), powered by its SpeedyAb™ technology platform of therapeutic antibody.
CD47 is a “don’t eat me” signal that is over expressed on cancer cells and enables cancer cells to escape macrophage phagocytosis. Blocking of CD47 significantly enables tumor cell phagocytosis and activates an ant-tumor T cell response. Anti-CD47 clinical candidates are being evaluated as an anti-cancer therapy both as a mono and combination therapy with good efficacy and safety profiles. Recent data also showed that blockade of CD47 inhibitory signaling greatly enhances innate and adaptive immune responses against viral infection.

AbVision’s newly developed AVI-105, the biosuperior anti-CD47 therapeutic antibody, shows similar or better preclinical results in comparison to a reference antibody in the clinical trial stage (Magrolimab, Hu5F9-G4). In a parallel comparison to the reference antibody, AVI-105 showed comparable binding affinity to its targets, comparable neutralizing activity in receptor-ligand blockade studies, and comparable anti-tumor activity in animal studies (Fig. 1). However, AVI-105 demonstrated more potent macrophage-mediated phagocytosis than its reference antibody (Fig. 2). In addition, more significantly, AVI-105 induced less hemagglutination (Fig. 3), indicating the biosuperior anti-CD47 antibody may generate minimized level of toxicity in vivo in comparison to the toxicity level from its reference antibody. The Company has now successfully completed a series of preclinical studies and further proceed the project to the IND-enabling stage. AVI-105 antibody candidate is available for out-licensing and collaborations for downstream development and clinical studies, according to the Company.

About AbVision Inc.
AbVision, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with its R&D center in the SF Bay Area. The Company focuses on discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies, vaccines and cell therapy. The Company’s innovative technology platforms provide distinct advantages for antibody discovery, vaccine development and cancer therapies. AbVision aims to use the novel SpeedyAb™, ImmunoBusterTM, TsKill™ technology platforms for generating next generation of bio-therapeutics in cancer therapy and infectious diseases. Several other monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapies and vaccine candidates are also available for out-licensing to enable faster downstream development and clinical studies. Please see AbVision website ( for the details.

About SpeedyAb™ AbVision’s SpeedyAb™ Technology platform provides high-throughput features of antibody screening for obtaining the therapeutic leads with high affinity and broad diversity.

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