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MAMAG Museum starts social media art project

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, May 18, 2020 / -- With the current problems like corona virus, the importance of global cohesion is increasing.

The curator and director of the MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner launched the project "Don`t Stop to LIVE" to draw attention to the importance of this topic and also to draw attention to the important topic of peaceful coexistence with one another worldwide.

In social media in the form of a short film, he spread the summary of meaningful sentences in connection with the artworks of artists from different countries. The UNESCO International Day of Living Together in Peace on May 16 was selected as the start of the project.

"The world is changing and with these changes come new challenges for people from all over the world. With globalization, such challenges as corona virus are spreading very quickly worldwide. That is the reason why we all have to work for peace. Only together can we overcome such problems because everyone on this planet was born to live in peace "- says director of the MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner. With his project "Don't stop to live" he wants to draw attention to the connection between people, but also to the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures worldwide. "The wide range of cultures worldwide promotes human development and also helps to deal with global problems in crisis situations. In a global situation like coronavirus, it is very important not to include yourself and not stop living because life goes on. This is also a very important factor for peaceful coexistence in the world. We have to deal with problems together based on mutual understanding. Art has always been a bridge between different cultures. It was therefore important to us, through the diversity of art in our project, to draw society's attention to the importance of peaceful coexistence in order to overcome global obstacles such as the corona virus. No matter how different the cultures are in different countries, from the statements of the artists in our project to their work, you can see how important it is that each of them understands each other and the world. Such projects are more important today than ever because mutual understanding is not a matter of course." - says Heinz Playner.

With the works of art by the Dutch artist Dieneke Tiekstra, curator Heinz Playner shows that each of us is a piece of the puzzle of this planet and of this sociological system. In the artworks of Henrik Saar from Denmark you can see that money is not everything in life, and the world needs us humans to live. With the works of art by Eva Nyary from Hungary, curator Heinz Playner shows how strongly such crises like COVID-19 influence and how artists deal with them. With the works of art by Romeo Dobrota from Canada, as well as the works of John Gesager Nielsen from Norway, works by Maribel Matthews from Gibraltar and Margarita Taliadorou, curator Heinz Playner points to the inner strength of people. Understanding one another between the different generations is also an important part of peaceful life. This is indicated by the artwork by artist Tanja Playner, who was born in Russia and lives in Austria. With another work of art, Tanja Playner wants to tell us that each of us was born to live. In the artwork by Monique Heubel from the USA, the waterfall is associated with the world in which many different cultures flow together. Just like with the artwork by Wendy Yeo from Hong Kong, curator Heinz Playner draws attention to the connection between people and compares the world to the river in which we all share as if we were swimming fish. Non-standardized solutions are the works of Diane Holland from the USA.

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