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Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Swing

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HOW CORRECTIVE EXERCISE CAN TRANSFORM YOUR GOLF GAME can get a free posture assessment to begin troubleshooting your posture, and, in turn, your golf swing--all remotely.”
— Sean O'Neill, Posture Alignment Specialist
PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, May 18, 2020 / -- What is posture? Your posture is the alignment of your load joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders). When these joints fall out of vertical and horizontal alignment, we experience muscular imbalances, leading to compensations, inflammation, pain, and eventually injury.

With the repetition of unilateral movements (ie: golf swing), we codify neuromotor adaptations, which instigate imbalances in the kinetic chain, leading to inefficient function, inflammation, and pain, which hinder our athletic performance (back pain, hip disparity, shoulder impingement, arthritis, neuropathy, muscle tears, physical discomfort).

With the appropriate corrective exercise sequence the body can learn to find equilibrium in its intended, functional posture. When the right exercises are done daily and sequenced properly, we can eliminate pain in a drug-free, sustainable manner that leads to improved function.

Sports like golf, tennis, racquetball and squash rely on movements that train your body and brain to adapt away from its efficient structural integrity. Muscles pull bones, and if some muscles pull too much or too often, a disruption in efficiency will occur.

So, while we often harken back to the old adage, “practice makes perfect,” it’s helpful to realize that “practice makes permanent”, and without copacetic, bilateral training, your progress on the golf course may stagnate, and your career in the sport may be interrupted and/or prematurely.

At you can get a free posture assessment to begin troubleshooting your posture, and, in turn, your golf swing.

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