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This Week on Monday Morning Radio: Doors That Won’t Expose Employees or Guests to Coronavirus

Touch-Free Door Expert Dave Jabas, Owner of

Touch-Free Door Expert Dave Jabas, Owner of

Dean Rotbart, Monday Morning Radio Host

Dean Rotbart, Monday Morning Radio Host

It's easy to open well-trafficked doors with the wave of a hand.

It's easy to open well-trafficked doors with the wave of a hand.

Elbows, knees & toes: Just three ways that people in the COVID-19-age attempt to work around touching germ-infested door handles. But there is a much better way

We're all walking around scared to death to touch something. If you can take that high touchpoint and make it safe, that’s a good investment to help us all get back to what we want, which is normal. ”
— Dave Jabas
DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2020 / -- As America begins to reopen for business in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, a significant obstacle for many employees and customers remains: doors, especially bathroom doors.

The dilemma is, how can workers or guests visit public bathrooms without having to come in contact with door handles, which may be teeming with germs?

Dave Jabas, a veteran entrepreneur and locksmith, has the straightforward answer on this week’s edition of Monday Morning Radio, the popular business-to-business podcast.

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Jabas, owner of and one of the nation’s foremost experts on touch-free doors, tells host Dean Rotbart that today’s motorized hardware allows for touch-less doors in virtually every location, including exterior entrances, bathrooms, interior offices, and even high-security areas.

“This is my 44th year in the door hardware industry, and I have specialized in electrified door hardware for 35 of those years,” Jabas says. “I can guide anyone through the maze of options and help them find the right hardware for their door.”

While owners and managers getting back to business after the COVID-19 lockdown have many urgent priorities – and doors aren’t likely the first to come to mind – Jabas says there is a strong business argument for investing in touch-free doors.

“We're all walking around right now, scared to death to touch something,” Jabas tells Rotbart. “If you can take that high touchpoint and make it safe, that’s a good investment to help us all get back to what we want, which is normal.”

“Dave’s business card really should read, ‘Problem-Solver,’” Rotbart says, describing the Apple Valley, Minnesota, entrepreneur as living proof that you don’t need to work in Silicon Valley or have an Ivy League MBA to be a business innovator and visionary.

Jabas and serve commercial clients throughout the United States, offering highly personalized and touch-free solutions designed around the specific space, purpose, and foot traffic frequency of passageways.

“I have a solution for every environment,” Jabas says. “One of them is right for yours.”

Jabas invites prospective clients to phone him or his team members directly at 1-800-508-6889 or visit his touch-free doors page at:

Finding the best solution for your facility is a simple process, thanks to Using a smartphone camera, Jabas asks customers to take six pictures of any door they would like to make touch-free, including the edge of the door, the edge of the door frame, and the front and back of the frame. Specific instruction can be found at:

“That’s all it takes. Send us the six photos, and you’ll have your touch-free hardware estimate in just one business day,” he promises. Photos can also be sent by text to 952-836-5174.

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Jabas has been named to serve as the community’s workplace safety and security paramedic, available to help you shield your facilities and protect your peace of mind.

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