dammabis® Offering Webinars To Cannabis Companies About Managing Their Valuable Digital Assets

dammabis' SaaS system provides cannabis companies with an intuitive, clear and easy-to-use interface. The web browser-based tools give creative teams faster access to digital assets so they are more productive.

Most cannabis company are creating large quantities of digital images, audio and video content to market their products. Creative teams at these businesses face issues effectively managing all those digital assets. Photo by J2R

One-on-One Webinar Introduces Digital Asset Management (DAM) Tools For Rapid Storing, Accessing and Organizing Growing Libraries of Valuable Brand Content

We are offering FREE 15-minute one-on-one private webinars to illustrate how remote and office-based teams at cannabis companies may securely take control of their digital libraries”
— Founder and CEO Frank DeCarlo
PEAPACK, NEW JERSEY, US, May 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The dammabis® Company is providing private webinars about digital asset management (DAM) to creative and graphic design teams at cannabis companies nationwide. The dammabis software system helps significantly increase creative teams’ productivity by dramatically reducing the time it takes them to find and access key digital assets -- even those that are stored on multiple devices in many locations. The company specializes in developing, installing and maintaining DAM solutions for the cannabis industry.

Frank DeCarlo, dammabis’ founder and CEO, said: “We are offering FREE 15-minute one-on-one private webinars to illustrate how remote and office-based teams at cannabis companies may securely take control of their digital libraries. Our goal is to demonstrate how our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution supplies creatives with the tools to quickly organize, manage, retrieve and safely store large quantities of valuable digital assets.”

Mr. DeCarlo explained that fast-growing cannabis businesses usually have created and acquired significant quantities of video, audio, text, logos, brand content and images. The content may be loosely arranged, which makes for a less effective digital asset management workflow for creatives to receive what they need when they need it.

Now, more than ever, cannabis businesses are looking to connect and communicate more frequently with their clientele, who may prefer to shop online, instead of visiting a company’s local shops or dispensaries.

According to DeCarlo, the secure, efficient and dependable dammabis solution will deliver the following results:
• Locate digital assets 95% faster than current methods
• Manage usage rights, licensing agreements, and intellectual property responsibilities to meet compliance requirements
• Process reformatting file-type change requests and distribute them faster
• Protect digital assets by storing and accessing them from a private, secure private cloud that also provides redundancy, backup, remote access and disaster recovery
• Save creative and graphic design teams 100+ hours, per each team member, annually.

Connect with Frank by email at frank@dammabis.com.
About The dammabis® Company

Based in Peapack, New Jersey, dammabis offers an efficient, affordable means for cannabis companies to arrange for the secure storage, organization and retrieval of the full range of media assets and safeguarding digital rights through a cannabis Digital Asset Management (DAM) software system. The company is also a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) provider that supplies design, implementation, maintenance and on-going monitoring of cannabis businesses’ critical networking assets – a true end-to-end creative operations solution for digital storage, distribution and security. The dammabis pledge is that each client’s network is stable, secure, fully-functional and redundant. The website is https://dammabis.com/.

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