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Mountz Announces Torque Webinar Series Event: "How to Implement Error-Proofing Manufacturing and be COVID-19 Compliant"

How to Implement Error-Proofing Manufacturing and be COVID-19 Compliant

Mountz Torque Webinar: How to Implement Error-Proofing Manufacturing and be COVID-19 Compliant

The 3-Part webinar series will focus on how to manufacturers can improve quality by deploying error-proofing tactics quickly.

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, May 15, 2020 / -- Mountz, Inc., the torque tool specialists®, will be hosting an online torque educational webinar series, which kicks off on May 21st at 9 am PST. The 3-Part webinar series will focus on how to manufacturers can improve quality by deploying error-proofing tactics quickly, as well as how automation tools will help transform the production space to be COVID-19 compliant

Minor fastening errors can quickly blossom into big problems. Over- or under-tightening can cause the fastener or assembly to fail under stress, either immediately or later. When a fastener fails, it can have serious repercussions, including overloading other parts and creating a cascading failure or rattling free in a moving assembly like an engine. As they say, loose screws sink ships.

Safeguarding against fastening failures requires manufacturers to deploy tools equipped with error-proofing capabilities that track each screw the tools fasten. When a fastening error occurs, the torque control system will detect it, flag it, and prevent the product from moving further down the line. IoT connected automation tools improve production and quality by collecting and storing data as well as providing real-time transparency in a manufacturer’s assembly operations. Such real-time transparency enables quality assurance personnel to detect any fastening issues as soon as they arise.

Adapting Manufacturing Area to a COVID-19 Environment
The COVID-19 impact poses unique challenges for industrial manufacturers that require implementing contingent safety measures for safeguarding employees while balancing the needs of production demands. It is a critical time to explore a proactive deployment of automation tools to decrease worker density throughout the assembly area.

What Manufacturers Will Learn in this 3-Part Webinar Series:
• Why an improper tightening process or incorrect tool selection can cause fastening failures
• Why is it important to torque the fasteners in the proper sequence
• Ways to implement multiple layers of error-proofing systems within manufacturing
• Tactics for programming and monitoring various parameters of the tightening process
• How to monitor and ensure the correct fastening sequence
• How to prevent parts leaving the production area with missing screws
• Transforming the manufacturing area to be COVID-19 compliant
• Best practices for error-proofing the fastening process and tightening sequence to help reduce product liability

3-Part Webinar Dates
Webinar # 1: Error-Proofing the Fastening Process and be COVID Compliant
Date: May 21st
Time: 9 am PST

Webinar # 2: Error-Proofing the Fastening Sequence and Tool Position
Date: June 4th
Time: 9 am PST

Webinar # 3: Bullet Proof Error-Proofing the Complete Tightening Process Control
Date: June 18th
Time: 9 am PST

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