News Conference: Chinese Merchants/Government Accused of Human Rights Violations: Exploitation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Chinese Merchants in Black Community Targeted for Sanctions-Boycott Nationwide on 5-19-2020

Harm to Africans in China can bring Harm to Chinese in America, Africa, and worldwide.”
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, May 15, 2020 / -- EVENT: News Conference Announcing International Economic Sanctions as a response to Human Rights Violations by China/Chinese Merchants Blacks/Africans in China, Africa, and America during COVID-19 Pandemic

WHERE: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States
2201 Wisconsin Avenue NW – Washington, DC

WHEN: 9 am EST Tuesday – May 19, 2020 - (Malcolm X Birthday Observation)

WHO: Several National Black groups will take street action May 19th

A national and international economic sanctions and boycott campaign is being announced against Chinese businesses in America, and Africa, as a result of Africans living in China having faced recent vicious human rights violations and anti-Black racism in China and abroad and continuing complaints of disrespect by Chinese merchants in domestic U.S. Cities. During the COVID19 Pandemic Blacks from Africa in China have been victims of vicious and nasty discrimination, xenophobia and, human rights violations.

On May 19th, in 20 cities, live demonstrations will take place at local Chinese business outlets that are open during the pandemic. These demonstrations are designed to shut these businesses down and send a message to China that “Harm to Africans in China can bring Harm to Chinese in America, Africa, and worldwide.” Organizations participating enforcing the street shutdowns are Black-Empowerment (BE); the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense (NBPP); Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee (OBPP); Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ); Movement for Black Power (MBP); Nubians United For Defense (NUFD); Justice League United (JUL) in conjunction with local Pastors and community activists and over 30 community groups in various cities. May 19, 2020, is just the beginning. We will pursue the sanctions all summer and we will broaden the sanctions and toughen them as the summer goes on.

Last month, Chinese ambassadors had to explain why African migrants were being evicted from apartments and refused entry in hotels. reported, “The incidents have sparked a diplomatic race row with the African Union, various African governments and even the United States all putting pressure on Beijing over the reported treatment of black migrants, who are predominantly from African countries. Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda are among those that have asked for explanations from the Chinese government.”

The false impression that the Coronavirus (COVID19) was spread by African stigmatized and discriminated Africans peoples who were ejected from hotels in the middle of the night, passports seized, visa revocation, and, in as much as arrest or deportation. According to, “The group of African Ambassadors in Beijing immediately demands the cessation of forceful testing, quarantine and other inhuman treatment meted out to Africans.”

The front page of Kenya’s Nation newspaper read: “Kenyans in China: Rescue us from hell.” The evidence is compelling; Chinese merchants and entities are practicing blatant racism in China and the Chinese Government is either negligent or complicit.

African Americans have long-standing simmering complaints against Asian and Chinese merchants operating inside the Black community. These allegations include supplying the Black community with poor quality and substandard food, exploiting the local retail market, refusing to hire Blacks; rude and disrespectful treatment; failure to assist community organizations.

Complaints against the Chinese in Africa include the Chinese Government and Chinese Government-backed entities who are gaining an increased foothold in Africa similar to the colonial western powers. China is taking on vast infrastructure projects in Africa that leave weaker African governments and people held hostage to Chinese interests. Chinese entities also have drawn hostility for discriminatory hiring practices in Africa.

Cities Targeted for Live Shutdowns/ Boycotts on May 19, 2020:
Atlanta, GA – China Town 5383 New Peachtree Road – Chamblee GA
Benton Harbor, MI – (see
Charlotte, NC – Carolina Beauty Store – 3301 Freedom Drive
Delaware: – (see
Harlem, NY – Red Star Restaurant 7th Avenue at 123rd
Hawaii – (Live Educational Webcast beginning at 10 am EST)
Houston, TX – Kim’s Food Mart – 9851 Mesa Drive
Jacksonville, FL – Beautys R US - 7912 Lem Turner Road
Madison, WI – (see
Maryland – (see
New York, NY – Red Star Restaurant – 2060 7th & 125th Street
Norfolk, VA – (see
St. Louis, MO – (see
Washington, DC – Yum-Yum’s Restaurant – 1413 14th Street
Chinese Embassy – Connecticut Avenue NW – Protest Site: 14th & Rhode
COVID safety requirements will be met per CDC guidelines. #END

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