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The Creative Genius Tommy Swanhaus Opens Up About The Success Of “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company”

Tommy Swanhaus thrives on being able to make a company, brand, hotel, restaurant, etc a huge success.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2020 / -- Tommy Swanhaus is now a 3X Best Selling Author and Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leader in the World. He has been an innovator from the start and created one of the first film streaming platforms that was years before Netflix and Amazon Prime. While in the process of creating his streaming platform, Tommy Swanhaus figured out how to bring film streaming to the mobile phone, which made his platform available on 210+ devices in 110 countries. Before this people could not watch video on any mobile phone as it took forever to “progressively” download. Tommy Swanhaus has made some major accomplishments that he describes in his new Best Selling book, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company.” We got to sit down with Tommy Swanhaus and ask him three questions about his life today and success.

Where did Creative Genius come from? Tommy Swanhaus: It is a term that slowly evolved in the media and stuck. I don’t mind it because I actually fit the definition, both the good and bad. I have never started a company just to work for myself; rather it was always because I saw something that was missing in the market and I knew I could create the solution. For example, the film streaming platform, The FreeStyle Life that I created was because I wanted to be able to see all these award winning films, but you couldn’t find them on TV or in the theaters. I created The FreeStyle Life as the result. My current award winning marketing company, Tommy Swanhaus Co. is another example as I started it because I saw that people were creating good content, but they were not efficiently distributing it to reach the mass and get the best ROI. They did not know how to amplify it, which I created a process and strategy that provides a great Return On Investment.

What is it like to become famous from your Best Seller, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company?” Tommy Swanhaus: I feel my life has always been in the spotlight. The difference now is that most people when I go to a store or restaurant will call me by first name “Tommy”, which I love. My son saw this happen by the cashier at Target one day. He played it cool and then when we got in the car the questions started. I absolutely love my followers, friends, and people who read my book, along with consume my content. I love mailing an autograph to a fan, please don’t hesitate to Direct Message me if you want one.

What don’t you like about being a social media and marketing Rock Star? Tommy Swanhaus: I absolutely love being a modern day Rock Star. I love being able to make a company, brand, hotel, restaurant, etc. a huge success by featuring them on my social media platform and often having me in the content endorsing it. What I don’t like is that 1% of people that are “trolls” and leave ridiculous comments to try to throw me off or someone else, etc. Sadly, some people are straight up mean. For example, I recently have been dealing with this girl who is 30 years old and stalks me. She is a modern day “bully” as she tries to spread false claims or negative things about me. I told her I was going to let her employer know and husband, which they both would not approve. I had figured out who she was from the beginning. By being in the media or all over the internet, I get targeted a lot more for both good and bad things. For example, I had to get the Little Rock Police and Detectives involved recently because I had a “terrorist threat against me.” The Little Rock Police were great with everything. This was was a very rare incident.

People need to keep in mind that I am human. It is okay if you don’t like my book “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company” but you don’t need to write false claims about the book and me. Overall, I really am enjoying where I am in life right now! I have my fans and followers to thank.

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