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Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Inventor “Dam-Free Hydroelectric Tech, is the solution to a sustainable future”

Kenneth W. Welch Jr.

As New Studies Emerge Proving Green-Energy Mining Does Ecological Damage, SeaDog Systems Advance Forward With Dam-Free Hydroelectric Tech Not Green Camouflage!

Today’s Development of Tech needs to contain a collective moderation of basic materials completely recyclable, keeping environmental destruction to a minimal level of disruption.”
— Kenneth W. Welch Jr.

WILLIS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2020 / -- As new studies emerge shedding light on the so-called “green energy industry” and exposing the massive ecological damage they cause you might ask yourself what’s real anymore? It seems that our day to day lives have been filled with fake news, fake science, viruses, and pestilence. Have you asked yourself, how we came to this?
Renewable energy is not actually “Green”? It is funny how it takes a pandemic to get the world to slow down for long enough to stop, pay attention, and reevaluate what’s really wrong…
Now that folks are doing their homework, it is becoming very apparent that our perception of our environment and its problems is not what it seems. New articles are emerging daily like, “New Study: Green-Energy Mining Does Massive Ecological Damage” and “Tale Of Two Panics: The Wuhan Virus And Climate Change” along with new documentaries like “Planet of the Humans” spawning further articles like “Michael Moore: The Green New Deal’s Worst Enemy” bringing doubt and concern that the directions we are being taken by the industry, are not accurate, nor true!

With even more supporting evidence, info, and studies breaking through and being read, as we wait in our homes reading stories like “Costly Climate Policies Must Be Abandoned To Save Economy” ( and “Dems’ Climate Plan Would Fuel Massive Increase In Rare-Earth Mining”( just to name a few; realizing that these stories tell a very different reality and direction than the one we believed we were traveling!

SeaDog Systems’ CEO and team along with its marketing group have published and re-posted several if not a handful of editorials and evaluations like “Hydro Storage” ( an alternative to “Tesla’s Mega Battery Complex” demanding immense use of conflict minerals, “Wave Energy Converter Carousel”( a bridge from offshore wind to wave energy using wind jacket technology in a new configuration consolidating hundreds of square miles of use to a single square mile while providing a habitat sanctuary for marine species.

Reports developed by third-party reputable authorities were published to thousands of officers, directors, and presidents of major companies, institutions, and organizations, supporting and related to alternative & green energy systems… reports like “The Fuel Cost Required to Produce Electricity with Wind/Solar and Fossil Fuel Systems Including Nuclear”( and “Systems Technical Evaluation The New Reality in Offshore Renewable Energy”( a head to head comparison on our dam-free wave-driven technology along with SeaDog’s production of hydrogen in the New End Game “Stored Hydrogen”(

These reports reflect how wind, solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle technologies have the potential to do more harm than good for this planet, let alone society. It seems now however that the mainstream has been awakened and they don’t seem very happy about the illusion of Green. This is the time to ask: “Is ignorance bliss? Or is knowledge “freedom”?”

Surely, it’s time for a new chapter to begin in renewables one that meets the goals of our passion to become better stewards of the World and conform to the ongoing vision in front of us. For those of us who still aspire to be responsible stewards of the planet, there is a path to generating energy in a sustainable, ecologically responsible, and profitable way, but this path doesn’t lead to wind nor solar, so the question becomes which technologies are right for the job? “Today’s Development of Tech needs to contain a collective moderation of basic materials completely recyclable, keeping environmental destruction to a minimal level of disruption.” -Kenneth W. Welch Jr.

SeaDog Systems has agreed the other shoe has dropped, but there is a better way, one without fear. One without destruction, misappropriation, and strife, one where there is a direction, room for correction, and a path to an ending better for all. It doesn’t involve consumption of habitat, nor utilization of non-recyclable materials or the impoverishment or exploitation of the human participant. It, in fact, builds upon the development of habitat, the betterment of the human participant, and a path away from non-recyclable materials and impoverishment. A way forward that is truly sustainable and environmentally friendly.
SeaDog Systems are companions of the environment. They create habitats, freshwater, and produce hydroelectric energy. As a dam-free hydroelectric system, SeaDogs have the life span and economic performance of the classic hydroelectric mega-dams, the same power generation potential, the same proven robust technology, but SeaDog Systems are compact, efficient and reliable.
We are counting on the momentum and expertise of the EXISTING supply chain to bring this vision to reality. The combination of products and technologies already proven in the offshore industry are essential components in the SeaDog Systems. We see an opportunity to leverage a repurposed supply chain and to revitalize the coastal economies previously driven by the skill pools and talent pipelines created by the offshore energy industry.
Join us! Participate in our journey into the future of energy. Be amazed… how prolific the power of the sea is! Don’t be just a spectator to the environment as it spectacularly heals itself when simply given the chance to do so. Inherit the blessing of clean water and sustainable energy sources while revitalizing an industry once viewed as becoming extinct. Offshore energy, the perfect marriage of kinetic and potential, same old physics embodied as engineering for a new earth. Follow the leader, for our children’s sake and we’ll see you on the other side.

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SeaDog Systems, Inc. was formed in February 2016 and acquired the intellectual property related to its current suite of technologies. SeaDog Systems immediately engaged in consulting contracts with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.(, and several key partners that possess the determination, abilities, and resources to bridge the gap between SeaDog Systems’ vision and its tech to reality. A unique team headed by Mr. Welch has committed itself to this mission. For more information on Kenneth W. Welch Jr. and SeaDog, please visit


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