MxHero Extends Box Shield's Data Security To Email Content

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Box Shield's advanced security features for protecting sensitive files from leakages and breaches, are now extended to content sent through email

MxHero with Box Shield detects and blocks unauthorized access to emails - even for emails sent outside of the organization (e.g. clients, partners & suppliers)”
— Alex Panagides, CEO, mxHero Inc.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2020 / -- MxHero announces integration of its award-winning Mail2Cloud platform with Box’s new Box Shield add-on. Mail2Cloud automatically replaces email attachments with secure Box links and triggers Box Shield protections. The new integration allows companies to secure emails sent and received, monitor suspicious access to emails, and protect from email borne malware.

MxHero allows organizations to automatically set Box security classifications, such as, “Confidential”, when sensitive content is detected in email messages and/or attachments. Once classified, only those recipients who are authorized will be able to access the document. Importantly, Mail2Cloud works with every email system and device, ensuring always-on protection. Furthermore, nothing is required by end users in terms of software installation or extra effort - users continue to use email, from their devices of choice, without change.

Given most cyberattacks occur through email, Mail2Cloud also leverages Box Shield’s ability to provide safe file preview and malware detection. All inbound attachments are uploaded to Box and delivered as secure Box preview links before users receive the message. Once uploaded to Box, Box Shield scans files for malware and if detected, automatically prevents spread by restricting downloads and local editing, while ensuring users can safely preview file contents in Box. Furthermore, the organization’s security team is alerted.

With Box Shield’s ability to monitor suspicious access to content in Box, Mail2Cloud enables a seamless means of detecting email breaches within and outside of the organization. A core challenge of email is protecting its content. Company cyber-breaches are a common occurrence and criminal access to emails typically renders all content to the cybercriminals as email offers no native protections. This scenario is especially challenging considering company information is also vulnerable to breaches of emails sent to remote employees, clients, partners and suppliers. With Mail2Cloud, all attachments are transformed into secure Box links. With Box Shield, organizations can monitor anomalous activity, in realtime, for all content sent through email whether internal or external. For example, files sent through email to a supplier in the US can generate an alert when atypically being opened in Eastern Europe.

Customers will be able to:
• automatically secure sensitive files sent through email
• block malware infected email attachments
• detect & prevent email breaches of sensitive content within and outside the organization

“Box's powerful content security features fit perfectly to the challenges of email. Email is where business gets done and where, unfortunately, most of the threat lives with regards to data sprawl, content security and malware. By seamlessly wedding Box’s advanced and intelligent protections to a company’s email, we are able to achieve a new paradigm of cybersecurity,” says Alex Panagides, CEO, mxHero Inc.

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