It’s important to me to make our Veterans and their families a priority. When they PCS to JBER, they often don’t know anything about the community.”
— Dan Wolf
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, USA, April 13, 2020 / -- Dan Wolf is a luminous, brilliant, bright light in the Real Estate industry in Anchorage, Alaska. Dan was born in Palmer, Alaska, which is 30 minutes away from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) – one of the leading Military Bases in the country.

Dan grew up in the farm community called the Matanuska Valley, or Palmer Alaska, due to the decision of his grandparents, who lived in Wisconsin as farmers during the Great Depression. The United States Government started a program for distressed farmers, and his grandparents loved the idea of starting a new life from scratch and decided to move to Alaska to start over in the frontier north. Dan says “My grandparents were ‘real life’ homesteaders. I worked on the farm, and later in the local dairy industry processing raw milk into dairy products. We received the raw milk from local dairies and processed the milk into various dairy products such as fat-free milk, 2% milk, buttermilk, and chocolate milk. We also distributed cheese, butter, ice-cream, and yogurt to all of the grocery stores locally and throughout Alaska.”

Dan graduated from Palmer High School and began investing in real estate at an early age. He and his wife, Kristi, bought a two-unit duplex where they raised their children, Corene, Ryan, and Cody. He decided to get involved in real estate sales because he wanted to be the independent man that he was raised to be and be able to help his friends and community with their real estate needs. “While I gained, indeed, in the flexibility of my lifestyle, and I always honor the needs of my clients, the truth us, all of my customers are my bosses because we serve our customers. It’s important to me to make our Veterans and their families a priority. When they PCS to JBER, they often don’t know anything about the community. I’m there for them to suggest a great dentist, school, church or restaurant. Often, I’m the closest person they have to family when they relocate here. I love to ‘skeet-shoot’ with them on base. We swap stories and get to know each other. I let them know that I am there for them, whenever they need me. I’m also very proud of my team. They are the best-of-the-best and work very diligently to serve the Military families who are buying or selling their homes here in Anchorage and the surrounding areas.”

Team member Savanna Wiita was born at home in Anchorage and is a lifelong Alaskan. Together with her husband Alex they purchased their first home at age 19 and have always had a hand in the Alaska Real Estate market. They are raising their two sons, Austin and Colton in this beautiful state and thoroughly enjoy all that the Alaskan outdoors can provide. She says, “I love helping those who serve our Country and I have a deep respect for what they do.” One of the most gratifying experiences for me was when I got a call from a mother whose son was serving in Afghanistan. He was ordered to JBER for his next duty assignment. I e-mailed him, skyped him, faced-timed him and he bought the house, sight unseen. There was a 13- hour time difference… I walked him through the houses, through videos, and he was elated. I was there when he set foot in his new home that he now owned, and we were both thrilled! I am often the only person they know when they arrive. One very touching experience happened, unbeknownst to me. I had closed a loan with a Military couple who had 5 little girls. Their dad was awaiting arrival and we did not know when he would join the family. One day (6 months after closing), I got a call from a base daycare center telling me that a child needed to be picked up because she had a temperature of 103.5 ° ~ and then I realized that her mother had put me down as the Emergency Contact because she trusted me. My heart was so full. There is a lot more that goes into a Real Estate transaction than what people see on the surface. I treat every client like they are family and always make sure they come out on top.

Tony Webster is another proud member of the “Wolf Real Estate Professional Team.” Tony is a lifelong Alaskan and was raised in Anchorage. He graduated from Robert Service High School in 1985. After graduating, he decided to strengthen his family’s roots in Alaska by having four beautiful children, Kennedy, Olivia, Luke, and Paul.

Tony joined the Dan Wolf team in 2018. Like Dan and Savanna, Tony enjoys the independence and responsibility that Real Estate ensues. He learned about the Military Relocation Professional Certification while he was working with a military client and his wife who were moving from Arizona to Alaska. Tony was able to quickly negotiate a sale utilizing Marty’s VA Loan, and helped them find their dream home located in Palmer, Alaska. Among many other transactions with Veterans and Active-Duty clients, Tony was able to assist an active-duty married couple who had orders to PCS from Anchorage to Florida within a 4-week time limit, and they were able to sign the closing documents while they were on the road which greatly speeded up the move between their duty stations. Tony says, “I was very honored that they trusted me while they were not physically present when we closed. It was a smooth transaction. For me, the key to service for our Military clients is to go the extra mile. My goal is to give them the service they have earned, and respect them for what they do for us.”

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