50+ Clinical Trials Prove Cold Stimulation Technology Reduces Needle Pain and Fear

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Woman using Buzzy while self-injecting medicine into her stomach

Woman using Buzzy®️ while self-injecting medicine

Photo of Dr. Amy Baxter Emergency Physician and Pain Researcher

Dr. Amy Baxter, Emergency Physician and Pain Researcher

Milestone achieved as world confronts COVID-19 and sees rise in the need for self-injections, vaccinations, and blood donations.

Our mission is to eliminate unnecessary pain, so we're partnering with other pain relief providers and creating Pain Care Packages for people who are trying to manage pain while stuck at home.”
— Amy Baxter, M.D.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, April 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pain Care Labs, the industry leader in noninvasive pain relief, announced an important milestone of 50 independent peer-reviewed publications and 2 meta-analyses of its patented technology. Clinical trials of the flagship Buzzy®️ needle pain relief device prove efficacy for adult blood donation, vaccination pain reduction, treatment adherence, as well as reduction of pain and fear for many pediatric procedures. For injection pain relief, Buzzy has surpassed topical anesthetics to be the most studied and effective pain solution available.

In the United States and around the world, drug manufacturers and laboratories are incorporating Pain Care Labs' products into their clinical trial protocols and patient starter kits. Used in over 5,000 hospitals, Buzzy is becoming the standard of care for needle pain management. Practitioners who use Buzzy express the benefits of obtaining blood work at a faster rate per patient and observing less distress in patients.

“Needle fear and needle phobia impact blood donations, vaccinations, infusion treatments, diabetes and preventive healthcare,” stressed Amy Baxter M.D., pediatric emergency physician and CEO of Pain Care Labs. “The body of literature on Buzzy shows that effective pain relief on contact also significantly reduces needle fear. The unprecedented variety of studies expands our understanding of how cold and properties of mechanical stimulation interact to neuromodulate pain.”

Pain Care Labs’ Oscillice®️ frequency is used alone or in combination with unique ice packs. Seconds after application, these sensations desensitize skin to reduce intense pain. Significant research findings include equivalence to topical anesthetic and virtual reality with 10x lower cost; superiority to cold spray and ShotBlocker®️ for IV access, lab draws, and vaccinations; and improved adherence to a Bicillin®️ rheumatic fever program. The latter prompted New Zealand to list Buzzy as the number one "highly recommended" intervention for painful injections in their National Guidelines.

There are additional implications for using the Company's proven technology during COVID-19. "The challenge of pain management and patient care at home has become more urgent,” explains Baxter. “Patients cannot currently access their usual pain control modalities, such as physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture, so opioid alternatives are even more critical. We have also seen a rise in the number of people who must self-inject at home instead of going to a physician's office or clinic." In addition to ensuring quality patient care, keeping emergency room visits to a minimum is critically important, so pain management and home injection adherence are high priorities for practitioners. Telemedicine is helping to mitigate these challenges, but the complexities inherent to pain management become amplified without physical treatment options. Pain Care Labs is leveraging the credibility of the persuasive volume of research to partner with other pain relief providers to deliver affordable multi-modal solutions to people who are sheltering in place.

Pain Care Labs’ patented technology has also been studied for opioid reduction after ACL reconstruction, overuse syndrome pain, and spine pain. “The pain nerves are the same for needles, injuries, or inflammation,” explains Baxter. “The efficacy of mechanical stimulation and popularity even among pediatric patients is promising for application in home, post-op, and injury contexts where TENS has been ineffective or hard to tolerate.”

With federal funding provided by the National Institutes of Health, Pain Care Labs is now developing and investigating a low back pain device to reduce opioid initiation or dependence.


Pain Care Labs is the industry leader in noninvasive pain relief solutions. Buzzy® has been used to block pain for over 34 million needle procedures. VibraCool® is an FDA registered 510(k) cleared device to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion, and muscle tension. Established in 2006 by emergency physician and pain researcher Amy Baxter M.D., the Company is dedicated to effective, reusable, and affordable solutions for pain. The Company’s award-winning solutions are based on patented Oscillice®, a neuromodulation platform, to give serious, simple relief. Pain Care Labs was named "Industry Leader for Localized Pain Relief" by Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research firm. For more information and to view the research list, visit www.BuzzyHelps.com/Research.

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