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HVAC Montgomery County, PA - Tips to Using Your AC More Efficiently This Summer

AC Compressor unit care

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Tips for cooling your home and using your HVAC system efficiently this summer for Montgomery County, PA

All heating and air conditioning systems require regular care to maintain a safe and efficient operation.”
— HTR Mechanical

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA, US, April 6, 2020 / -- The summer is fast approaching and its almost time to switch from heaters to air conditioning! Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home despite the outside temperature. They want this while still not burning a hole in their wallet with energy costs. So for this summer here are some tips that will not only keep your house cool but also run your AC unit efficiently.

There are two methods you can use in conjunction to accomplish the perfect summer temperature in your home! Method one is knowing when you can give your AC a break, and method 2 is how to help keep your AC at its best when it is on!

Here are tips for when you can turn the HVAC system off during the summer.

1. If the temperatures are moderate enough then you can give your air conditioner a break! Try opening the windows during the cooler hours and closing them during the hotter times of the day. Letting in fresh air is good for your health but also allows you to cut your energy bill down by wisely not using your HVAC system when it’s not necessary.

2. On a similar note try to use the oven or dryer during the cooler hours of the day. Nothing makes your AC system work harder when it has to work against outdoor heat plus indoor heat! If you can try to grill over baking that way the heat from cooking is outside. Also, consider drying clothes on a line rather than spending more electricity on the drier.

3. Utilize your ceiling fans! Not only do they not need much power to run but will make your air conditioner’s job a little bit easier. It’s also good to use these when you have an open-window day! Be sure to check that your fans spin counter-clockwise in order to properly circulate the air.

Here are tips for keeping your AC strong!

1. Is your home properly sealed? You should check your windows and door frames’ seals for cracks - cracks let in hot or cold air from outside and thus puts more work on your HVAC system. It would also be wise to let your Montgomery County local HVAC company check that your ductwork is properly sealed too. Any gaps in the ductwork can let all your AC’s cool air outside rather than staying inside cooling your home down.

2. Change your air filters regularly! It’s very easy to forget about but it is very important to change out those filters once a month or so. Your system can’t run efficiently if pet hair and other debris are in the way! Changing them will also help keep your system and home cleaner.

3. Make sure nothing is blocking your compressor. Storms throwing debris around or an unmaintained landscape can cause your compressor to be blocked. You should make sure and clear about things around your compressor so it can work as efficiently as possible. It will appreciate the breathing room! Not doing this may lead to having to get your HVAC system repaired! Its easier to prevent it then deal with having no AC for some time in the hot summer.

In conclusion, there is a way to enjoy summer without sweating in your home about the temperature or the energy bill! It’s all about being smart with your HVAC system. Try your best to run your air conditioner properly so you can prevent costly repairs. It is also important to practice regular maintenance, which can be provided by your local HVAC company in Montgomery County, PA. Regular maintenance is affordable and also helps prevent future pricier repairs. With these tips and a trusted HVAC service provider - you can enjoy your summers to the fullest!

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