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Easy Peazzy Deliveries Platform a community owned platform for the local community

With the current Covid19 situation and the latest government advice for social distancing, non-essential stores

SHOREHAM BY SEA, WEST SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, March 27, 2020 / -- With the current Covid19 situation and the latest government advice for social distancing, non-essential stores closed and food and essentials delivery further under strain it puts at risk individuals, older, disabled or financially troubled members of the community, and Key workers such as NHS and Emergency Services, the ones keeping us running, under even greater stress.

At this time there is a need for hyper local community focused solutions to help look after those around us and nearest and dearest. Peazzy Local brings local communities together to help solve their local delivery needs. Pool together to order one at a time or arrange for a single drop off and redistribution.

Peazzy Local is working with local wholesalers and local retailers to develop alternative distribution for food & essential items, and reduce reliance on the major brand supermarket chains. A Win Win for all.

Local Vendors can register to list the quantities of items they have available
Drivers can register to collect and deliver orders - keeping social distancing
Users Can Donate Food to Local Food Bank - Buy Digital Voucher and Vendors can deliver into a local pool..

Due to the current Covid-19 situation globally, and the likely mid-term (9-12 months) knock on effects to global and local supply chains and general strain on the economy, many retailers and small business owners are facing extreme difficulty whilst the likes of Tesco, Asda and alike are trying to employ thousands of temporary staff. What is clear is that there is a huge reliance on large retailers to provide essential Food for Life, to the local communities, when they have little to no interest in them, other than employing local staff. They are not locally owned and a large amount of profit is extracted from the communities now suffering. Our answer is simply to better enable, with the use of technology, local community networks to support each other locally on the ground whilst being part of a world-wide community. Quite simply a platform “For the People by the People” where everyone gets to own a share of it based on their participation.

As solution providers we have identified a number of needs that have been brought into sharp focus by C19 and we believe Peazzy Local can help ease the burden of local deliveries for the vulnerable and those in need of help, provide an enterprising way for local business owners to contribute to keeping their local communities alive (potentially reducing the long term tax burden) and a way to bring local communities closer together.

Peazzy Local is a community owned platform with local, postcode based, franchises cooperatively owned by the participants. Meaning, Vendors and Customers now become owners of the platform and service, and have certain rights such as Voting, suggestions on how to better service by the local community and how to Pay it Forward by further supporting other local causes and initiatives. We do this by using Blockchain and AI technologies to provide a discrete, not anonymous service. A new Circular Micro-Economy.

Peazzy Local is an alternative to platforms such as Just eat, Dinner2go and Ubereats. Your Local Delivery - Peazzy

Peazzy Local is currently developing a trial for Portslade to Sompting to include Takeaways, Pubs, Restaurants and most of all Grocery Shopping and Food Bank - Donation & Distribution.

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