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Professor Balakiryan: The coronavirus is not punishment, it is a warning

We are killing the ecology of our planet, polluting the atmosphere and the oceans and the planet is responding to us with natural disasters and pandemics.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, March 20, 2020 / -- Terrible misfortune came upon our Planet. Since the beginning of this pandemic, when we had one case, only 90 days passed, but today the number of cases has grown by 200 thousand times.

According to experts, this growth continues exponentially and it’s even hard to imagine the number of cases after another 90-180 or even 270 days, when, I hope, we will probably defeat the coronavirus.
Of course, not all die, only 2-3% of the number of cases. But you can’t remember these percentages when you lose your relatives, loved ones and dear people leave you forever.

Throughout the past century, our civilization existed as it were during the "time to throw stones", and now it is "time to pick up stones." And I, with your permission, want to tell everyone about what these "stones" were
"Why exactly do you take this privilege?" You ask. I answer: “Because I’m almost 80 years old, and I’m at the top of the pyramid where every fourth sick person dies, plus I have diseases that help the coronavirus to kill people. So, as you can see, if I get infected with this virus, I definitely will not be every fourth ...

First of all, I would like to note that we did not just “throw stones”, we “threw” them in different directions, the main among which was the ecology of our planet, which is the root cause of all
cataclysms of recent years.

Have you come across photos of the world's oceans from space? You saw islands gradually turning into archipelagos?
Look carefully, maybe you will see a plastic bottle from which you drank water
two years ago when in a hurry to work?...

Why do we drink water from plastic bottles, knowing that this bottle will be garbage for another 300 years?

Because we are unique. If another civilization exists in this universe, then its representatives will be very surprised when they find out that we flush off the toilet with drinking water. At the same time, everyone knows that there is a catastrophic shortage of freshwater.

Do we understand that everything that we do today, directly or indirectly, is “throwing stones” into the ecology of our planet?

Judge for yourself: many of us drive cars with a gasoline engine, we use electricity 80% of which is obtained by burning non-renewable organic minerals; in stores, we allow us to pack our purchases in plastic, in short, we are served mainly with the help of “dirty” technologies that bring the planet’s ecology closer to the ”point of no return”.

We live by following the “ideology” of monkeys that are crap right in their nest because they know that tomorrow they will have a new nest on another tree.

For us, this “tree" may become the Moon or one of the planets of the solar system.

Creating a colony for 7 billion people on another planet is a very distant prospect.

And although the problem of colonization of near-Earth space has already moved into a practical plane, we need to pay serious attention to the changes that occur with the ecology of the planet, so that we and 4-5 of our future generations can live normally on this beautiful land.

Konstantin Balakiryan,PhD,Professor
Phone: 623 341 9623

KB Consulting LLC
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