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Professor Balakiryan: Why in the fight against natural and social disasters we ignore science achievements?

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, March 4, 2019 / -- Every time then scientific advice was ignored; there was a loss of many innocent lives, massive environmental destruction, and unnecessary expenses. Let me offer some vivid examples from my scientific practice

1. Nine years ago, an ecological disaster occurred in the Gulf of Mexico (04.20.2010). People died, and 5 million barrels of oil covered the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, causing enormous ecological damage to the shores of the Southwestern States. I immediately focused on finding an effective way to close the gushing oil well at the bottom of the Gulf.

My previous experience and understanding with the handling of crude oil in extremely cold climates allowed me to give a recommendation on how to create an artificial plug of frozen oil in the neck of an oil reservoir using liquid nitrogen. However, my voice was not heard.

Instead, it was decided to cover the well with a huge “bell” and pump oil into the tanker holds with a powerful pump as a way to reduce the pressure. From the point of classical physics, this can easily be seen as a non-viable solution. As even if an additional 100 pumps are installed on this “bell” the pressure will always be equal to the pressure in the oil reservoir deep underground.

Thus the oil slick continued to grow on the surface, and the “specialists” abandoned this useless and wasteful attempt for yet another, equally as non-viable. The “experts” suggested drilling a new well one kilometer from the first to reduce the pressure. As senseless as this is you can easily prove to yourself. Take an empty 2-liter soda bottle, fill it with water, make one hole near the bottom of the bottle allowing water to flow out, and then make a second hole at the same level near the first hole. As a result, you will see that adding the second hole does not affect the flow from of the first hole. As time went on, oil poured over the Gulf of Mexico for more than 5 months continuing to expand the environmental disaster.

2. Hurricanes have always been terribly disastrous for much of the US, and specifically remembering that the hurricanes Harvey and Catherine killed 1,850 people, along with massive hardship in the aftermath. And how hurricane Maria hit 3000 people in Puerto Rico causing unbelievable destruction and residual suffering.
By that time, we had already created the Symphony-7A hydrogen reactor, which we proposed as the fastest possible solution to help return both electricity and fresh water to the unfortunate people of the island. (fresh water is a byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell).
However, my proposal was once again ignored. Nobody believed in the possible existence of a device with a 1000-fold over unity, yet our results have been confirmed by three US testing entities (1.Air Kinetics, Inc.; 2. Horizon Air Measurement Services; 3. TRC Environmental Corporation).

Seeing the consequences that followed hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico led us to develop another way to help the inhabitants of the island. We created a unique “Delta-1M” proton battery, which could not only solve the problem of our electricity supply today but would also guarantee electricity support in any future disasters.
How long do new possible solutions get ignored, how long is suffering allowed to continue with solutions at hand?

3. Then, more major disasters - California has caught fire with multiple disasters. There have never been such wildfires in the history of this state. I was shocked by the fact that almost 100 people were burned alive and that we could not save the whole city of Paradise from the fire.
Within several days, I had developed the concept of the hydrogen capsule, responding immediately with the press release: “Mankind has never had such a powerful and effective means to fight forest fires”. According to my calculations, the use of hydrogen capsules would have required about 45 minutes to create a safety alley around Paradise, and save the city from fire.

Now again, here we are ahead of another new season of forest fires and facing more potential losses of life, property, and huge costs… and no one has responded with interest to this science-based solution for fighting these destructive fires. Seems no one wants to deal with hydrogen capsules, though after getting over initial fears, I am sure it will become the main weapon in the fight against wildfires.

4. In addition to natural disasters, the US has another catastrophe - the astronomical financial debt which has already exceeded 22 trillion. In order to get rid of this massive debt I propose, no longer burning organic fuel (oil, gas, and coal), rather burning ordinary water. My new technology makes it possible to produce 18 hydrogen atoms from a single water molecule, which on combustion, will release heat on average 250% more than oil or any natural gases (Compare: Calorific value of 1 cubic meter of Hydrogen-28 700 Kcal; Methane-11 950 Kcal; Ethylene 11 470 Kcal; Propane-10 885 Kcal;).

Thanks to this discovery - water has now become the main sustainable fuel on our planet. The new generation of fuel cells “Delta-FC5” and “Delta-FC5M” created by my laboratory will not only avoid unplanned expenses, but also earn money on the global energy market to pay off the country's debt.
I appeal to each Americans: If our country is dear to you, please stop ignoring scientific recommendations.

Konstantin Balakiryan,
Ph.D. Professor

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