Critically Needed Jobs can Ramp Up Fast Just by Rebuilding and Updating Housing

CHOICERenovation Purchase Example

CHOICERenovation Purchase Example

US Residential Energy Consumption Chart

US Residential Energy Consumption Chart

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Rebuilding and Upgrading Housing Offers Abundant Job Potential Plus Economic and Health Benefits Needed Now.

Rebuilding and upgrading our housing offers immediate employment opportunities plus many long-term benefits.”
— Ken Riead
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 21, 2020 / -- Residential energy consumption from over 130 million homes accounts for about one quarter of the energy use in the United States and more than 20% of our nation’s carbon dioxide emissions making our homes a significant contributor to global climate change. Upgrading residences to achieve a 40 percent energy reduction is very achievable and will save about 160 million metric tons of emissions and 21 billion dollars annually*. This large sum of money can be used to quickly create jobs to rebuild and upgrade our existing housing stock.

One proven path to gainful employment as part of the residential upgrade workforce is to become a nationally certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater or a certified EnergySmart Contractor. Online, on-demand training and certification courses are now available for energy raters, trade contractors and other career opportunities at EnergySmart Institute. (

Getting a national residential workforce trained and certified is just part of the puzzle. The other major need is appropriate funding to finance the requisite energy efficiency, health, resiliency and clean energy upgrades. At the current time the CHOICERenovation programs from Freddie Mac offers the most generous options available.

The CHOICERenovation purchase transaction example shown above illustrates how helpful this innovative mortgage program can be. It shows that the purchase price for the example single family residence is $75,000 but that it needs an additional $180,000 worth of upgrades and improvements. The cost of improvements is more than double the original price of the home!

How this mortgage works is that it takes into account the total energy and dollar savings involved once the energy and other improvements are properly installed and then applies the savings toward the expected mortgage payments. If it can be documented that the upgraded home will ultimately be worth the new market value of $250,000 then the financing can happen.

This is what is known as an 'Energy Mortgage' and it is well worth checking into for anyone wanting to upgrade their primary residence. The CHOICERenovation program can also apply to vacation homes, rental homes and other types of residences, which makes it a dream financing option for house-flippers.

Rebuilding and upgrading housing offers these benefits:

The jobs cannot be out-sourced.

There is work suitable for everyone, young and old.

There is more than enough work available to create millions of needed jobs.

Implementing this work will boost the energy efficiency, health and clean energy market sectors.

Most of all, upgrading our housing will help with the pressing climate issues and individual health problems.

Since many of us are spending more time at home than normal, we need comfortable, clean and air-filtered indoor environments to remain healthy. Upgrading our interior living environments will pay benefits in money savings and health for years to come.

The online, on-demand courses offered by EnergySmart Institute include Continuing Educational Credits (CEUs) for the International Code Council (ICC), and the Certified EnergySmart Contractor program.

*Information Source: US Energy Information Administration, Monthly Energy Review (8/26/2016)

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