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Lantha Sensors Simplifies Chemical Analysis with Industry Changing New Platform Saving Users Millions

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LanthaLux Analysis Reader

The new platform is primed to disrupt the $1.4B moisture analysis industry and drastically reduce the need for Karl Fischer Titrators by 2021

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2020 / -- Lantha Sensors, the primary portable chemical analysis solutions provider, today announced the launch of their flagship products, the LanthaLux data analysis reader as well as LanthaISO and LanthaH2O Application Suites. Combined, these platforms enable unparalleled simplicity, speed and accuracy to provide the best possible solutions for chemical detection and measurement processes.

The new LanthaLux is the hardware side of the platform that uses a proprietary application of metal organic frameworks (MOFs), with the ability to generate a large analytical response from a small amount of sample, to quickly, easily and accurately provide on-the-fly moisture and isotopic purity analysis. This platform displaces the need for expensive Karl Fischer Titrators and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in specific cases, by securing the same results as these techniques, but costing only $10-50 per test, producing zero toxic waste, allowing these analyses to be done in the lab or field setting, and generating results in less than five minutes. LanthaLux is literally a lab in your pocket.

Lantha Sensors can replace the following technologies for specific chemical analysis needs:

• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
• Mass Spectrometry
• Infrared Spectroscopy
• X-ray Fluorescence
• Karl Fischer Titration

“Our patented and proprietary platform is truly revolutionary as this type if technology has never been available before,” stated Rob Toker, Lantha Sensors’ chairman and chief executive officer. “Basically, our system is a super simple and field-deployable solution that can be used by anyone in a lab, manufacturing or field setting, eliminating the need for highly trained staff. Just as the digital camera replaced the photo lab, our platform will replace much of the legacy, outdated equipment needed today for chemical analysis.”

• Pricing is based on number of units purchased and software modules needed by application.
• Pre-order discount of $2,500 per device with LanthaISO software module
• Regular pricing starting May 2020 will be between $3,000-$5,000 per device
• Test strips for isotopic purity and moisture detection will be available as low as $500.00 for a vial of 50.

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About Lantha Sensors
Lantha Sensors is an Austin, Texas-based portable chemical analysis solutions provider combining unparalleled simplicity, speed and accuracy to provide the best possible solutions for the chemical detection and measurement process. The company has offices in Austin and Manor for separate marketing and research operations.

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