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Due to current political shifts, Author Angelic Tarasio introduces experience of socialism based on true life-story.

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Historically informative trilogy “God’s Miracles in Lives of Regular People” motivates modern generations to learn from mistakes and lessons of 20th century.

The USA is the nation of freedom and great opportunities. Use them for personal and professional growth in order to help in developemnt of our homeland. We must value and preserve our country.”
— ~ Author Angelic Tarasio

PALM BEACH SHORES, FL, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2020 / -- People who are so interested in socialism need to learn more about it before they make the first step into the pit of hell. Find our who were the teachers, philosophers, revolutionary socialist and communist leaders. Learn what caused contamination of their minds, and why they wanted to contaminate other people with utopic ideas. Communist red octopus spread its poisonous power to different continents, bringing vicious, bloody revolutions and “economic equality” through illegal abolition of private properties, all rights of inheritance, confiscation of lands, plants, factories, banks, all means of communications and transportation, houses, apartments, and mines in accordance with utopic teaching of Karl Marx. Author learned it from living for 35 years under communist regime, where her grandfather was a big revolutionary and later, prisoner in GULAG for 9 years.

Who was Karl Marx, author of “The Communist Manifesto” and “The Capital”, whose ideas gave rise to brutal, violent revolutions for “economic equality” through abolition of private property? From university, he lived carelessly with a lot of alcohol. He could not stand his money difficulties and constant debts. Being a Jew, he turned into anti-Sematic person. He perceived the “cult of Jews” in huckstering, just because they requested interest on his loans. He considered re-payment of his personal debts with interest, as “a crime against humanity”.

Marx pretended to be moralist and neglected his responsibilities, as a husband and father of seven children that were born and were unable to survive. Being socialist, who railed against economic and sexual exploitation, he didn’t treat those who were close to him in accordance with his teachings. Marx did not pay bakers, butchers, milkmen and his servants, but used the women and two of them had his children born. Marx allowed himself to spend 34 years in library of the British Museum. Since nobody was interested in his articles and poetry stuffed with intense pessimism, hatred, violence, suicide and pacts with the devil, they did not bring any income. Marx was sick and depressed for many years. His favorite line from Goethe’s Faust was: “Everything that exists deserves to parish”. Mr. Engels, owner of cotton mill, was contaminated with Marx’ ideas and became the financial support of Marx’ family.

Marx wrote that all workers of the world are brothers and called them to be united. At the same time, he was racist and called his son-in-law “negro” or “a gorilla”. Excessive intake of alcohol heated up his hatred towards everything and especially bourgeoisie, a new class that was successful in developing capitalism after feudalism.

Real page-turner trilogy “God’s Miracles in Lives of Regular People” is a true story of Countess Maria Kurbatov. Her faith, courage and perseverance liberated not only her and her 3 children but many other innocent people.

Countess Maria secretly recorded the events of her life in journals, and later, requested her daughter-in-law Angelic Tarasio to transform the “dry” data into motivational story that can work, as a warning for those who do not know the truth about socialism and communism.

Author Angelic Tarasio was born in the Ukraine. With her military parents, Angelic lived in socialist Germany. In both countries, she observed the same suppression of individual’s rights, limitations of business growth potential and mutation of the human consciences under communist dictatorship.

Angelic obtained in Ukraine and USA multiple diplomas and degrees in traditional and holistic medicines, and teaching. Angelic believes, “It does not matter what we do, what matters is how we do it.”

The author considers her friendship with Mother Maria, as blessing from Above. Angelic’s parents were atheists. Mother Maria brought Spirituality and Compassion into life of her daughter-in-law. Philanthropy became part of Angelic’s life. She supports different religious organizations, veterans, orphans, Native American families, fight to abolish human traficing, hungry children of the world and many other worthy causes.

In 2009, Angelic Tarasio received the phone call from Mel Gibson, who read the first book of trilogy and complemented the author’s vivid imagination in descriptive writing. He saw the possibility to make a movie out of a book. At that time, Angelic was finishing with writing of the second part. She decided to complete trilogy, and now, she hopes that the Universe will send her right producers and financial sponsors, who will make mini-series movies out of her work.
Author Angelic Tarasio looks forward to expanding her great relationships with readers, journalists, movie producers, churches, bookstores, clubs, colleges and universities.

Book I: "Mother Maria" introduces the readers to a noble Ukrainian family in Eastern Poland at the beginning of the 20-th century. World War II destroyed peaceful life of Mademoiselle Marie. She was pushed in the whirlpool of life-threatening events that brought her to concentration camp in Nazi Germany. Thanks to interference of the Divinity and the least likely ally, Maria was rescued from the fire of war by true love.

Book II: "Home-Coming" brings the readers to post-war illegal annexation of the territories of Eastern Europe by the red octopus - USSR. In 1946, parents-to-be Maria and Alexander Kurbatov arrived in Ukraine to rescue Maria’s family that was in annexed territory. Through criminal actions of NKVD/KGB, the readers discovers the cruelty of the communist regime, hardships of GULAG and exile to Siberia, as well as Divine Providence that continued to manifest itself.

Book III: "Bridge to the Sky" gives the readers the experience of continual persecution of Maria and her 3 children by KGB. After years of threat, losses of beloved, poverty and homelessness, the reader finds, how Maria’s faith and courage led the woman to miraculous resolution of the unbearable life existence. Maria reached the Kremlin and met Leonid Brezhnev, a new leader of the country, and the miracle happened.

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