New Game Design Challenge Offering $10k for Violence Prevention Video Game

"What is your culture's influence on dating & healthy relationship?" First place prize $10,000 - CULTURE, 13th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge

The theme for the 2020 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge is Culture

Image of the video game 'Lamplight Hollow' a short game by Luciano Sgarbi rated E for Everyone, asks "Where do YOUR dreams take you?" - 2019 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge Winner and 2020 Jungle Jam DreamHack Anaheim Winner..

Lamplight Hollow, an award winning video game with a compelling message

HONEYMOON is a video game for teens about healthy relationships. Shown here are Mom, Dad, and little sister Carol.

HONEYMOON is a game about healthy relationships for teens available at

2020 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge theme is CULTURE: Can you create a video game about culture's influence on dating ... without any violence in the game?

Video games are often unfairly blamed for violence in our society, despite the lack of evidence, but there is little media coverage of their (evidence-based) effectiveness at preventing violence!”
— Drew Crecente, JD
ATLANTA, GA, USA, March 10, 2020 / -- Jennifer Ann’s Group announces the “13th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge” with a first place prize of $10,000.

Since 2008, Jennifer Ann’s Group (, an Atlanta based nonprofit charity, has run an annual video game design challenge to produce and publish prosocial video games through its program, Gaming Against Violence. Past themes for this annual competition include bystander awareness, consent, gaslighting, healthy relationships, and teen dating violence prevention. The contest is open to all over the age of 13 and receives entries from game developers around the world.

The intention of the Life.Love. Game Design Challenge is to publish prosocial video games about sensitive issues impacting adolescents in an effort to educate and empower them . The contest is the longest-running of its kind and has been recognized as a Top 10 Trailblazer program by the National Youth Advisory Board for its unique approach to teen dating violence prevention.

Several of the previously published games have also been honored. In early 2020 their gaslighting game ‘Lamplight Hollow’ was a winner of JungleJam and featured at DreamHack Anaheim. In 2019 the consent game ‘Rispek Danis’ was recognized at the 2019 Games for Change Awards as a nominee for ‘Most Significant Impact.’ Also in 2019 the healthy relationship game HONEYMOON was included in ‘100 Games to Use in the Classroom & Beyond.’ Additionally, six of the video games published through the Gaming Against Violence program are featured in published studies showing their effectiveness at changing unhealthy beliefs and attitudes regarding relationship and gender norms.

The Executive Director of Jennifer Ann’s Group has this to say:

“Video games are often unfairly blamed for violence in our society despite the lack of evidence but there is little media coverage of their (evidence-based) effectiveness at preventing violence! Not only is their use as a violence-prevention tool effective but, importantly, this approach is greatly appreciated by teens. Adolescents would much rather explore a sensitive issue like dating abuse or consent through self-paced exploration than through a classroom discussion in front of their peers. As a result, those who are playing these games are more receptive to the important messages learned in the game.

“These intentionally designed video games are an ideal way for students to learn about this critical information in a format they prefer. Educators appreciate that these games are free, evidence-based, and expert informed. Parents like that these games are an easy and judgment-free approach to engaging their teenagers about healthy dating relationships, consent, and related topics.”

Registration for the contest is open now. The contest will be run in two rounds; the first round consists of submitting a “game pitch” and finalists will be selected from this first round. The finalists will then be given the opportunity to develop a game based on their submitted game narrative. The first place game will win $10,000; second place $2,000; and third place $500.

The first round game pitches are due by March 20, 2020. Rules, prizes, and registration details are available at A selection of the previous winning games are available via Jennifer Ann’s Group’s video game portal at or on their page. All games are free and can be played in a web browser or downloaded to smartphones and tablets through the app stores.

Game developers and others looking to learn more about Jennifer Ann’s Group’s efforts to use video games for violence prevention can watch the 2015 GDC Presentation ‘Gaming Against Violence’ by Drew Crecente:


ABOUT Jennifer Ann’s Group - Jennifer Ann’s Group is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 20-4618499) preventing teen dating violence through awareness, education, and advocacy since 2006. They have been instrumental in passing relevant legislation mandating teen dating violence awareness in schools and have distributed over 1 million free educational cards and bookmarks to schools, churches, and other organizations throughout the U.S. and U.K.

On February 15 2006, Jennifer Ann Crecente - a high school senior - was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer was an honor roll student in high school, a camp counselor, a hospital volunteer, and participated in community theatre with her father. Jennifer Ann’s Group was founded by her dad.

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