Andrew Bales, Republican Candidate for Indiana 5th District Releases detailed Platform

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Andrew Bales for Congress

In a crowded field of 15 Republican candidates, Bales releases detailed stance on issues, says message,issues more important than name recognition money

Too many politicians list vague stances on issues, which allows them wiggle room if things aren't going their way.”
— Andrew Bales
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2020 / -- Indiana's 5th Congressional District is heating up for a battle among Republican candidates. Fifteen republicans are running for this highly contested seat in Indiana's May 5th Primary.

Andrew Bales, a US Army veteran and retired schoolteacher is one of those candidates. Bales believes a candidate's stance on the issues are more important than how much money they raise from rich donors, name recognition, or high-profile endorsements. "Voters want to know what you're going to do for them and if you have the integrity to do what you say you will. To me, having that integrity and character are so much more important than a name or an endorsement from a politician. I would much rather be endorsed by an average citizen who believes I'll do what I say."

"Too many politicians list vague stances on issues, which allows them wiggle room if things aren't going their way. I think we need to be precise with our intentions, and I'm proud to explain my views and my stance on issues important for Hoosiers."

Mr. Bales Platform:

2nd Amendment – I will protect the 2nd amendment for all Americans. This is one of our most important rights as citizens. It is what allows us to remain a free people in the face of tyranny. We, the people have the right to stand up and fight against a tyrannical government who would deny us our God given freedoms of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness! No more infringement!

Pro Life – I will not vote for any legislation which uses American tax dollars for abortion, or which compels a physician to take the life of an unborn child. Abortion is wrong and too many young mothers believe it's their only option. I will promote and support all other means of pregnancy prevention and birth control including first and foremost, education regarding personal responsibility.

Term Limits - Political office was never meant to be a lifelong career. I am for term limits for Congress. We have too many politicians who no longer serve the people they were elected to represent. They take entirely too much money from PAC’s and corporations, many of which have no vested interest in the districts or states they serve.

Balanced Budget – The US Government must learn to live within its means! We are now at 23 Trillion dollars and have hocked the future of our children, grandchildren, and beyond. I support a Balanced Budget Amendment, but in the meantime, we must control spending through wise decisions, rooting out wasteful spending, and by creating a new revenue source from marijuana legalization. This new industry, through regulation and taxation projects a potential 130 billion dollars in revenue from federal taxes by 2025, and the creation of millions of new jobs. The Federal Government could pay down our national debt and shore up our economy.

Campaign Finance Reform – Most older adults remember a time when it seemed plausible that anyone could participate in government and strive to become President of the United States. Today, one needs millions of dollars to achieve that goal, and in most cases, the person with the most cash wins. It’s time to level the playing field! Dark money disenfranchises voters, creates a pay for play atmosphere in American politics, and corrupts government. Our politicians end up answering to their big donors and not to their constituents.

Immigration – We must, for the sake of our Republic and our freedoms, secure our borders! We must fund and protect our Border Agents and give them the tools and equipment necessary to stop the illegal flow of people and drugs into our country. We need to provide an easier path for those who simply wish to come here for work. Citizenship should not be confused with documented workers.

Health Care – I believe that government has no business running healthcare for Americans. Through competition and price transparency we can lower the cost. We need to hold Non-profit Hospital Corporations accountable. They get a pass on millions of dollars in Taxes while they expand business and pay their Executives lucrative salaries. Too many Hospital and Health corporations reap the benefits of tax-exempt status while their actions resemble those of a For Profit business. Further, Patients taking lifelong maintenance medications such as insulin and blood thinners, should be able to purchase these essential medications directly from manufacturers, eliminating the middle-man mark ups.

Health Coverage - We can do better by incentivizing businesses to provide health coverage for their employees and by providing tax breaks to businesses and individuals for expensive premiums.

Marijuana descheduled as Schedule 1 drug – The time has come to deschedule cannabis and remove it from the Controlled Substances list. Schedule 1 drugs are those that have no medical benefit and are highly addictive. Both premises have been proven false for marijuana. Further, the US needs to work with the UN and WHO to amend International Treaties which criminalize use, possession, and cultivation. States should be able to move forward with legalization without the fear of reciprocity from our Federal Government.

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