Lamplight Hollow - a Video Game About Gaslighting - Featured at DreamHack Anaheim

Image of the video game 'Lamplight Hollow' a short game by Luciano Sgarbi rated E for Everyone, asks "Where do YOUR dreams take you?" - 2019 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge Winner and 2020 Jungle Jam DreamHack Anaheim Winner..

Lamplight Hollow, an award winning video game with a compelling message

In Lamplight Hollow you will be joined by a motley group of characters who might or might not be helpful.

You might even recall those memories that were seemingly too-easy-to-forget.

Lamplight Hollow, explores the form of psychological manipulation called gaslighting and will be featured this weekend at DreamHack Anaheim.

Video games are often unfairly blamed for violence in our society.”
— Drew Crecente
ATLANTA, GA, USA, February 21, 2020 / -- Lost in a lucid dream, dropped into a dungeon, Lamplight Hollow may sound like a typical fantasy adventure video game, but dig a little deeper and players soon discover an experience that plumbs the depths of psychological manipulation.

Lamplight Hollow makes a public appearance this week at DreamHack Anaheim as one of the winners of the Jungle Jam, competing against nearly 160 other games to be selected for the expo showcase.

Lamplight Hollow, a surprisingly deep interactive experience about the psychological cruelty of gaslighting, was originally developed by Luciano Sgarbi for Jennifer Ann’s Group's Life.Love Game Design Challenge in 2019. The game was one of the winning games from the 12th annual challenge.

“Video games are often unfairly blamed for violence in our society,” said Drew Crecente, executive director for Jennifer Ann’s Group. “Using them as a tool for social change to prevent violence is fitting and also very effective. Adolescents prefer to explore a sensitive issue like dating abuse through self-paced exploration and these free video games are an ideal way for them to learn this critical information. Educators also appreciate the fact that these games, although free, are evidence-based and expert informed. Parents also like that these games are an easy and judgment-free approach to engaging their teenagers about healthy dating relationships.”

The game can be played during DreamHack Anaheim, which runs from Feb. 21 to Feb 23 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The game is also available to be played online at GameJolt, Gaslight.Games and itchio.

The annual Live.Love. Game Design Challenge tasks game makers with creating video games that explore different facets of domestic violence without including any violence in the game itself. Last year’s theme was gaslighting, the act of psychologically manipulating someone into questioning their sanity.

Since 2008, Jennifer Ann’s Group’s Gaming Against Violence program has produced more than fifty serious video games about these serious issues. Previous video game topics include bystander awareness, consent, healthy relationships, and teen dating violence prevention. This award-winning approach to violence prevention is evidence-based and the games are available for use in university studies.

Jennifer Ann's Group is named for Jennifer Ann Crecente, a high school senior killed by her ex-boyfriend. The nonprofit charity was created by her dad, Drew Crecente, in her memory.

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