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CleanTech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet Class 1

ORLANDO, FL, US, February 13, 2020 / -- Laser Photonics announces the release of the CleanTech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet Class 1 FDA approved product line for surface preparation, paint removal, and surface cleaning. Marketed under the Laser Photonics™ brand, the CleanTech™ laser systems offer a non-abrasive cleaning process that is safer and more eco-friendly. This is a distinct advantage over costly traditional methods such as chemicals or abrasive blasting systems that also have a negative environmental impact, hazardous fumes, or can wear on the substrate and damage the material.

Laser Photonics has expanded the line of laser material processing systems, creating opportunities not just for the global industrial corporations, but also for the small manufacturer and entrepreneur to take advantage of the most advanced industrial-grade Class 1 laser cleaning and surface treatment equipment available – all while ensuring user safety, quality of work, and an improvement in the environment and task efficiency.

The CleanTech™ product line can be used for various applications across a multitude of industries including:

Automotive and aviation parts
Mold cleaning for the rubber and tire industries
• Weld preparation
• Metal parts cleaning
• Anodizing removal
Surface conditioning for better adhesion
• Rust and corrosion removal
• Degreasing

Included in the line are the CleanTech™ Stationary Unit which operates as a standalone or can easily be integrated into a production line; and the CleanTech™ Handheld which is a portable unit, making it useful in the field or on the factory floor. CleanTech™ has an integrated dust and residue collection system and can allow a 3D scanner option to clean parts with complicated shapes. To learn more, visit

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The CleanTech™ Laser Cleaning System