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The NEWTech Breakthrough Protecting Hips from Falls Increasing Mobility and reducing costs by up to 45 Billion per Year

Airbags for the Hips - Improving Quality of Lie and Saving over 100k Senior Lives per Year

This is a game changing technology for any senior at rick for falls”
— Pat Devaney

STAFFORD, VA, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2020 / -- The NEWTech Breakthrough Protecting Hips from Falls - Increasing Mobility and reducing costs by up to 45 Billion per Year

The Tango belt is an unobtrusive wearable that springs into action when sensors indicate a fall to provide proactive hip protection “Airbags for the hips.

With state-of-the-art technology, the Tango belt leverages years of research and engineering to work when it matters most decreasing impact forces better than leading passive hip pads, while having greater anatomical coverage. This product works so that everyday users can go farther, get better, and extend their quality of life.

Injury and fall prevention continues to be a considerable challenge among all seniors. Falls are a life-threatening concern for older adults aged 60 years and above. A fall can significantly reduce one’s quality of life and ability to remain independent. According to the Center for Disease Control (2017), 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for the fall injuries each year most in which could have been prevented with the proper fall prevention measures and over 800,000 patients will be hospitalized due to head and hip injuries.

How Does Tango Belt Work?

• Detects a Fall
“Motion in context” provides for highly accurate fall-in-progress detection

• Deploys Airbag
The Tango belt reduces impact forces on the hip better than leading passive pads on the market

• Alerts Caregivers
Caregivers are immediately notified via WiFi in the event of a detected fall

Protection, Connection, and Prevention at Home

• Protects hips during a fall:
While other options put constraints on users, the Tango belt automatically senses a serious hip-impact fall and deploys airbags to provide physical protection and reduce impact force.

• Alerts caregivers in the event of a fall:
Along with physical protection, the Tango belt sends digital alerts to caregivers for fall notification and as well as other interventions to keep residents safe.

• Looks for changes in mobility:
The Tango belt will gather data and sync with the proprietary app to monitor key rehab and mobility metrics like postural sway, gait speed, distance-over-surface, timed up and go, and stride time variability. Finally, Predictive!

Senior Care Facility Benefits:
• Increased Referrals and Occupancy
• Innovation and best outcomes translate to becoming the preferred provider for your hospital discharge planner. Increasing occupancy provides great return on investment.
• Reduced Risk and Liability
• Falls with injury and hip fractures are the #1 risk and liability of most senior care providers. The Tango belt is hip protection in a form-factor that residents will actually wear.
• Improved 5-Star Ratings
• Based on the mobility increases experienced with the Tango belt, a Tango program can translate to higher customer satisfaction and 5-star ratings for your facility.

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