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Why A Custom Sign Is Vital to Your Business

Sign company installs custom sign, illuminated.

Slicks Graphics installing a custom illuminated sign.

An exploration of the importance of having a great sign for your business and the possible options available to make the perfect custom sign.

Commercial signs customized to what you want and to what your business needs.”
— Slicks Graphics

TRENTON, NJ, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2020 / -- Imagen you are walking down a bustling Mainstreet. Stores and restaurants are open everywhere and you’re looking around seeing if anything grabs your attention. What store looks interesting enough for you to go into? What restaurant looks like a worthy stop for lunch? Without realizing it, your looking at every business’s signs and using it to help you make a choice. Are you likely to go into a store with a worn down and out-of-date sign when there is a store next to it with a sign that stands out and has a feeling a pride behind it? Probably not. Are you going to be pleased when the store’s sign gives the impression it's one thing but then you walk in and it’s disappointingly something else? No, you will probably leave that store feeling misled.

Well, customers are going through the same process and deciding things about your business every day. Whether you’re established on a street with lots of foot traffic or off a road with busy with motorists, a custom sign can make all the difference between getting customers or having to struggle for attention. Custom signs aren’t just for getting people to your door but also can improve their experience with your business. In a store, signs can help customers navigate their way through your merchandise. At your bank or your gallery/museum signs can be used to educate your guests as they wait in line or explore your displays.

There are three main types of custom signs you can have made for your business: metal, channel lettering, and illuminated signs. The metal type is good if you’re looking for a simple yet elegant and affordable option. It can have a clean and simple museum-like design to a rustic or industrial aesthetic, so there plenty of choices you can make to get the perfect look. Channel Lettering is a popular option for the modern-styled business. You can make it completely in your style with options in how it’s mounted, such as flush or offset, and various finishing options. An illuminated sign means you can play around with light and color to really make your sign stand out. Despite what you may think they are also made to be made durable so they can survive time and weather. You can also combine the channel lettering with the illuminated to make a unique sign perfect for what you need.

Be sure to talk to your trusted custom sign making company about what would be best for your sign’s design. Consider things such as your brand, things you may specialize in, or the personality of your business when thinking about your design. If you looking more for a sign that is on the move, you may want to look into vehicle wraps. Anything that gets your business’s brand, its name, and services, out there is invaluable to being successful in this competitive world. Make the best first impression by investing in what customers are going to see first, your sign.

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