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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Running Toilet

Water damage needs water restoration service

This is a big problem that can be avoided by not ignoring signs that your plumbing may not be running perfectly.

Signs from your toilet's water tanks that it's time to call your local plumber and risks that come with ignoring those signs.

Plumbing and heating service experts, also specializing in water restoration and sewage cleaning.”
— Mcclain Bros. Inc.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2020 / -- It’s an easy sound to ignore, the sound of the water filling the tank after you flush your toilet. It's a quick little sound, usually done by the time you have washed your hands. One day the tank takes longer than usual to fill. The sound lingers more than before and over time it seems to linger even more.
It is easy to think nothing of it, the sound being such a minuscule part of your daily home functions. The biggest problem is that it’s not just noise. It’s a sign that if ignored can turn into a much bigger problem leading to water damage and mold growth.

So what’s the big deal? First of all, it is your water bill! The more that water runs the more your bill rises. That running water from your toilet can potentially waste thousands of gallons. Those gallons translate to hundreds of dollars added to your water bill. For the sake of saving money alone, it might be a good idea to look into why the water is running for so long. A quick call to your local plumber about your leaky toilet can solve that for you right away.

There are a few reasons why it could be happening. The flapper, which is what seals the tank, could be cracked letting water escape. The chain that lifts the flapper might be too long or too short leading to the same problem. You may think that's an easy fix and may want to simply do it yourself. There are risks to that due to the parts being a bit delicate. It isn’t very hard to accidentally break something and then you have a much bigger repair on your hands that you can’t handle on your own. An easy way to avoid this is to get a plumber to help you solve the problem.

The most concerning reason for the water running is a leak! If a pipe is damaged that means water isn’t getting to your toilet, it means it’s going somewhere else. That somewhere else could be your walls, floors or ceilings. This damage can lead to flooding, permanent damage to the foundation of your home and even mold which can make you sick. Water damage is completely preventable though. By looking out for signs such as the toilet running for a long time, you can get the help you need before it’s too late.

The plumbing system is like the blood in the body. Your veins and plumbing have the same job. Veins commute the blood to commute life-sustaining substances into the body and transport wastes out of the body. Plumbing similarly pumps clean water in for your showers and bathroom needs and takes the dirty water out. Both are vital systems and both need the proper care to keep working. You go see a doctor but if there is a problem with your water, from water restoration to toilet repair to heating service, you want to make sure you get a plumber.

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