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What You Should Know Before Getting A Lift Kit

Lift kit installed on a truck

A lift kit custom job done by RSC Restyling

Describing what lift kits are, from zone lift kits to suspension lift kits, and how they effect your vehicle.

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LEVITTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2020 / -- Lift kits are a popular modification, especially for truck or jeep owners. Their vehicle becomes larger than life and looks like it can take on any adventure! If its to make your vehicle look cooler or to be better prepared for camping, lift kits are something to look into for your truck or jeep. If you're thinking about possibly getting a lift for your own vehicle these are some things you may want to consider before installing.

First, there is a lift kit and a suspension lift kit and they do two different things. It's best to know the difference so you can get exactly what you need. A lift kit raises the body of the vehicle a few inches but leaves the suspension and wheel at the regular height. A Suspension kit raises the suspension itself but not the body of the truck or jeep. Lift kits are more affordable and so leave room for larger wheels without affecting the suspension and still a great choice a balance between regular driving and mild off-road. Suspension lifts are a good choice if you're into extreme off-roading and willing to pay for the extra work.

So what benefits does a lift kit bring to your next driving adventure? Well, let's talk about that view! The increased height gives the driver a better view of what’s ahead whether that is hilly terrain or other drivers. The kit as a whole also imposes shock absorption which means potholes are less likely to any harm to your vehicle. Having the lift installed will also increase towing capability, thanks in part to some benefits mentioned previously. The higher clearance, increased safety, and weight advantages means towing that trailer for your new camping trip will be a breeze. Mud, snow, water and other challenging road conditions won’t stand a chance to your upgraded vehicle.

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, everything comes with some downsides. Depending on how you drive normally, you may need to make some adjustments to your driving style. It’s better to turn off those racer instincts and drive a little slower. Be extra careful on any sharp turns or you might end up flipping! The other thing that’s going to change is your gas mileage. The extra weight, bigger tires, and off-roading means it's going to take a little more effort for the vehicle to go. Lastly, you may want to ask your warranty providers if installing the kit will void the warranty on your vehicle. It's better to know and be prepared to jump into an installation that may cause problems for you in the future.

In conclusion lift kits can be a very cool way to modify your car. There are a lot of ways you can take your car’s performance or aesthetics to the next level. From installing new electronics or upgrading the interior with custom leather with an option to add heating to your seats, to doing a window tint you can make your car as cool and ready for life’s adventures as you are.

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