Los Angeles Your Home Sold Guaranteed Praises Listing Coordinator Arian Panlilio for Excelling at Company’s Core Values

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is a unique realty company built around a specific set of ethics, while still be ultra-successful. Arian Panlilio has been showing a remarkable commitment to all of these and much more.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- It takes a team of devoted and dedicated professionals who are highly motivated to rise to the top in the real estate world. In a place like Los Angeles even more so. The good news is founder of L.A.-based “Your Home Sold GuaranteedRudy Lira Kusuma recently recognized these qualities in the company’s listing coordinator Arian Panlilio, who smoothly transitioned into the role while exemplifying the office’s core values.

Rudy remarked on Arian, “Arian started as the Listing Coordinator helping TC and within a couple of weeks took over the duties as the social media virtual assistant helping Joshua with his social media projects. Then in the last couple weeks he has really been a game changer because the transition was so smooth and Arian basically picked up everything that Joshua had did and delivered with no hiccups. On top of all of this Arian emailed me, asking if he could take over the design project that's normally being done by another VA (who has been terminated due to poor work performance), and stepped up his game even further! Really amazing.”

Rudy continued, “Arian clearly embrace our 3 core values by always doing above and beyond what are his normal day to day duties. He strives to do more and is always looking for opportunities on how to up is game for the greater good of the company. In appreciation for showing and exemplify these core values, Arian is being awarded $100 in cash.”

Developed and promoted by Rudy for the team, the five core values of “Your Home Sold Guaranteed” are:
1. Delivering Second-Mile Service: Go Serve Big
2. Being Results Driven
3. Embracing Continual Improvement
4. Value Relationships by Expressing Gratitude
5. Embrace Continual Improvement

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