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Eyelash Eyebrow Growth Serum Brand Discusses Hair Phases

Chavelle Lash serum

Chavelle Lash serum

Chavelle Lash serum

Beauty and cosmetics company, Chavelle Cosmetics, recently discussed hair phases, and how its eyelash eyebrow growth serum affects the growth stages.

FORST, BRANDENBURG, GERMANY, February 1, 2020 / -- Chavelle Cosmetics, a German company that has formulated a successful eyelash eyebrow growth serum, recently discussed the phases hair follicles go through, and how its lash serum can affect the stages of hair growth.

Sandra Newmann, the senior spokesperson for the company said, "The hair cycle for all hair types is divided into three phases known as anagen, catagen and telogen. The average length of the cycle and the individual phases vary from person to person. However, a normal eyelash cycle generally lasts between 5-11 months."

Anagen is the term used for the active growth phase of hair follicles. During this phase, the root of the hair divides rapidly, adding to the hair shaft. The end of the anagen phase is followed by a short transition stage known as the catagen phase that generally lasts two to three weeks. This process interrupts the connection between the hair and the blood supply and cells that produce new hair. The last stage is the telogen phase, which is the resting period for the hair follicle. When the anagen phase begins again, the resting hair is pushed out by new hair growth.

"With the anagen growth phase lasting approximately one to two months, consistent use of Top Lash Pro serum helps to reduce the catagen and telogen phases, prolonging the natural growth phase of the lashes," Newmann continued. "Our formula contains peptides to strengthen the hair structure while increasing cell division and metabolism within the hair follicle, creating healthier lash growth and condition. The result is thicker, more dense and longer lashes. In some cases, the lash serum may cause the eyelashes to darken as well."

The brand recommends daily use of the best eyelash growth serum. "It is preferable to apply it on the upper outer lash line in the evening after cleansing the eye area," said Newmann. "A brushstroke with the serum is enough. For eyebrow treatment, it is best to do the same. For best results, apply daily and continuously until the product is finished."

For anyone interested in Chavelle Cosmetics' eyelash eyebrow growth serum and other beauty products in its range, please visit the company's Amazon storefront.


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