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G-Med, the World's Largest Online Global Physicians Community, Launches its New, Groundbreaking Platform

G-Med Global Physicians Community

G-Med Global Physicians Community

G-Med ( has launched its new platform with the most advanced organic collaboration features and new engaging online environments.

Following years of experience and know-how in creating physicians' engagement, we now offer the most advanced multi-media platform that allows a high-level of organic discussions to take place.”
— G-Med CEO Ilan Ben-Ezri
LONDON, UK, January 22, 2020 / -- The new platform brings the global physicians' dialogue and crowdsourcing to another level. It enhances the collaboration by providing top-notch tools for sharing real-world medical insights with a vibrant, global physicians' community.

Through novel environments that attend to the doctor's different response needs, physicians receive real-time feedback and/or engage in ongoing organic discussions. They can also share scientific findings, create private groups and multidisciplinary spaces, and get in touch with main key opinion leaders from across the world.

"As leaders in the field, G-Med has now set the highest standard of communications in this domain. We are constantly looking into the future and how physicians can improve the communication with their peers," said G-Med CEO Ilan Ben-Ezri. "Following years of experience and know-how in creating physicians' engagement, we now offer the most advanced multi-media platform that allows a high-level of organic discussions and information-sharing to take place."

To G-Med's business partners, the new platform enables best-in-industry multidimensional targeting capabilities that are leveraged by G-Med's proprietary innovative behavioral algorithms. In addition, it offers novel social listening and crowdsourcing features.

"The combination of this new platform with G-Med's rapidly growing community of 1 million physicians makes our One-Platform/One-Community offering even more robust. Partners can access and engage with physicians in new and efficient ways that were not available for them before," Ben-Ezri added.

G-Med celebrated the crossing of 1 million users reach mark last month. The medical crowdsourcing arena reaches physicians from over 120 countries and 100 specialties.

"Today we are proud to be the largest global social media community for physicians, providing a wide range of communication and data-driven insight solutions," Ben-Ezri said.

G-Med works successfully in collaboration with the agencies of most of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Sanofi, and Abbvie, given its range of business solutions to enhance inter-industry communication.

Advertising agencies, PR and market-research companies focused on healthcare communications as well as life science companies dealing with current and future regulatory challenges can find innovative collaboration solutions working with G-Med.

"At G-MED we have the opportunity to enable this network in a selective manner to provide a trusted arena for education, awareness and insights with our partners in the pharma and healthcare space,” Ben-Ezri concluded.

About G-Med:
G-Med is the largest global physicians-only community, reaching over 1 million members. Its members connect daily with local and global KOLs, participate in online activities, use peer-to-peer consultations to solve clinical dilemmas and get answers from verified physicians in the relevant specialty.

In short, G-Med physicians use the power of the global medical community to shorten the diagnostic time and improve health care.

G-Med’s business solutions offer a unique digital bridge to connect life science companies and healthcare partners in order to drive physician awareness and gain deep insights about brand perceptions.

We are the only true global physicians' community that enables the global life science industry practical and efficient physician's engagement solutions that are community-based for their daily challenges that were not available for them before.

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