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Web-based service helps plan for end-of-life with comprehensive seven step check list

CheckOutPlan is a secure online platform that helps you achieve a comprehensive step by step End-of-Life plan.”
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KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 14, 2020 / -- Were you among the scores of people who made a New Year’s resolution to get your life more organized? If so, did you put any consideration into organizing your end-of-life (EOL) plans or legacy?

Today’s world is more complicated than ever with social media accounts, multiple online services, app subscriptions, combined families and pets now becoming a large part of any family. When creating an end-of-life plan (EOL plan), many people don’t account for these factors or for where their personal items will go. Often many don’t have the opportunity to share special messages at their memorial services or have a celebration of life that reflects their unique personality. is a web-based service designed to ease end-of-life passing by providing family members with a comprehensive plan detailing last wishes, end-of-life events, memories worth sharing, how to access accounts, planning for the successive care of family pets and more. It is also a place to celebrate a life well-lived.

CheckOutPlan is a secure online platform that helps you achieve a comprehensive step by step End-of-Life plan. Divided into seven steps. It is easy to use and designed specifically to help people achieve a supportive EOL plan. Users can upload photos of their favourite items, upload private documents, or a write a guided just-in-case letter to leave behind for family and friends. Professional, pre-written content is waiting to help users construct the perfect eulogy, a poignant obituary. What’s more, users can add team members who can access the plan and to help them fulfil their wishes when the time comes.

Beyond providing information to support one’s family in their time of need, CheckOutPlan also strives to get people talking about mortality and why creating a plan is so important. Since talking about mortality with family and friends can be a challenge, Check-Out offers an entire section dedicated to reaching out to loved ones by using pre-written letters and emails that are used to invite them to help, ask for input or contribute to your plan.

The information that Check-Out’s users are prompted to add can be used in a variety of ways. These details can prevent family conflict by outlining wishes. For example, this guidance helps those left behind by knowing which items can be donated and which should remain in the family. And, much of the information gathered can also be used to save time and money when working with estate lawyers, accountants and insurance brokers.

The concept was developed by Tammy Brown, Check-Out Planning Services Ltd. CEO, who had witnessed first-hand how traumatic the aftermath of losing a loved one is. “My Mother passed away very suddenly. Besides being heartbroken, I realized that I did not know any of her personal information, like the location of her accounts or people she would want me to contact, and I did not know what she would have wanted or how she would have wanted to be remembered,” explains Brown.

“We initially created CheckOutPlan based on the information I wished we’d had as we started the necessary steps after my mother passed,” says Brown. “There are so many decisions that need to be made quickly and under the most difficult circumstances. It is an incredibly stressful and sad process. If my Mother would have been able to provide this type of information, it would have been incredibly helpful for us. I want to encourage people to think about creating an end-of-life plan to make their passing easier on all of their family members.”

To begin organizing your end-of-life details, Check-Out Planning Services Ltd. is offering a seven-day free subscription. Subscriptions are available for $9.95 monthly or $69.95 yearly.

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About Check-Out Planning Services Ltd.
Check-Out Planning Services Ltd. is comprised of a tightly knit group of like-minded professionals and is supported by industry consultants, mentors, family and friends. We are passionate about helping people build and share their wishes and memories. Like so many others, this team has lived through the loss of loved ones. They have experienced the trauma of making tough decisions on behalf of the departed, without the benefit of their guidance. CheckOutPlan™ is our response to a real problem, shared by nearly all of us. Find Check-Out Plan on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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